Goals and Approaches of Health Care Operations Management in Nursing Homes

Goalsand Approaches of Health Care Operations Management in Nursing Homes

Goalsand Approaches of Health Care Operations Management in Nursing Homes

Healthcare operations management incorporates a number of goals andfunctions. Nursing homes is one setting of health care where thesegoals and functions can be applied. Furthermore, quantitativeanalysis can be used in various ways that can further operationalaims in nursing homes. Quantitative analysis is being used in nursinghomes to know the number of elderly people that need nursing servicesin a setting. This helps to address significant operational issues bymaking sure that there are enough nurses to cater for elderly people. Moreover, quantitative analysis can be used in elderly homes toaddress significant operational issues such as budgeting,affordability as well as quality of services offered (Bond&amp Bond, 1994).

Operationsmanagement has a very important role in health care organizations.The scope and purpose of operations management within health careorganizations is to restructure and upgrade medical processes.Operations management in nursing homes provides process structure inhealthcare, provide flexibility to healthcare, provide resourcecompetence, usefulness as well as trust in health care. All thesehelp the management to deal with most uncommon (or unexpected)situations such as safety management in medical processes (Bond&amp Bond, 1994).

Thesignificant awareness that I have gained from this week’s mediasegments regarding objectives of operations management isrestructuring as well as upgrading medical processes. Cost, speed,quality, dependability and flexibility are main objectives ofoperations management. I have realized that the degree of excellenceof medical process is as paramount as the health status of anypatient.

Thehealth care setting I have selected is nursing home. Asaforementioned in this paper, quantitative analysis in nursing homescould contribute to the aims of operations management in nursinghomes by ensuring that there are adequate care givers to address thenumber of elderly people present. Further, quantitative analysis is agood way of budgeting and quality of the services offered.


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