Health Related Issues Affecting the Black American Population

HealthRelated Issues Affecting the Black American Population

HealthRelated Issues Affecting the Black American Population

Thereare several health related issues that strike the black Americansharder than other races. Research has shown that diabetes affects theblack Americans 60 % more than other races (DenNoon, 2014). Althoughthe black Americans have a lower rate of tobacco exposure, they are50 % more likely to contract lung cancer that other populations(DenNoon, 2014). The high prevalence of these diseases among theblack American population is associated with the lack of education onpreventive care and the high rate of poverty, which denies them theopportunity to access quality care.

Thehigh prevalence of many among the black Americans is associated withseveral psychological issues. For example, studies have shown thatAfrican Americans are at a higher risk of getting into severedepression compared to other races (DenNoon, 2014). Depression ispositively related with other psychiatric challenges, such assuicide, mental illness, and hypertension. Studies have shown thatfour percent of the black Americans report cases of severe depressioncompared to the national average of about 3.1 % (DenNoon, 2014). Thisleads to a high rate (42 % of the black Americans) of high bloodpressure and cases of suicide (5.4 % of the black Americans) (AFSP,2015). In addition, the black accounts for a high proportion (45 %)of inmates who are incarcerated for drug abuse. The high prevalenceof non-communicable, communicable diseases, and psychiatric problemsamong the black Americans have contributed to the high rate of mentalillness among members of this population. According to Stein (2014)about 19.7 % of the black Americans are either suffering from mentalillnesses or at the risk of contracting mental diseases.

Inconclusion, the black Americans are at a high risk of all types ofhealth related issues, including the psychiatric conditions. The highprevalence of health related issues can be associated with differentfactors, including poverty and lack of health related education.These factors lead to high rate of depression, suicide, andhypertension among the black American population.


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