Ineveryday situations, heroes exist in all our undertaking of life.What makes a hero is a question that is never thought of. Somequalities make heroes. are confident and courageous in theireffort to rescue a situation for the greater good of the people. Theyare brave, strong in character, selfless and proceed with moderation,thoughtfulness, and care. are selfless and are neverfrightened to stop following their course. Other aspects that make ahero are that heroes are honest, never silly, and patient and nevergets angry by the word, stands for themselves and are always aimingat helping the needs of other people (Emerson,pg. 43).

Peoplethink that heroes are extraordinary people because of what they haveachieved. They are viewed as great, and people tend to portrayexceptional respect for these heroes because they think they do notbelong to this world. Some people believe that heroes are there toprovide the world with a yardstick that we can use to measure oursuccess. In that context, the acts of heroes are thought to beunachievable by the ordinary people hence, they limit the effortsthat we can put a certain path. In general, people ideas on heroesare that they are special and out of this world (Harvey,Erdos and Turnbull, pg.38-45).

Today’sgeneration is mostly looking forward to emulating heroes from theentertainment industry. This ranges from sports, music and actors.The generation of today understands and have talents related to theentertainment Industry. More so, the same is achievable given theywill work hard at a considerable rate to achieve it. Music is perhapsthe largest contributor of the heroes today’s generation willlikely emulate followed by sports. This industry proves that nomatter the background, your dream can still be valid so long as youare determined to achieve it.

Themore recognized heroes are those who are worldwide known and dosomething that impact on their lives. They are also those who put theneeds and requirements of the general public before their own. Thismeans that more recognizable heroes are those who are selfless,patient, and humble and determined to achieve the objectives(Kingsley,pg.16).

Yes,there are local heroes all over the world. exist in every dayof our life from the places of work, entertainment joint and alsoinside our homes. Think of that local father who sacrifices his timeto teaching the young boys how to play football? That’s a hero byall means. Or those officers from the sheriff’s office who work allnight to ensure the security of that neighborhood you are living.Those are heroes. Locally, many heroes of all aspects do exist.

Thereare unsung heroes in the world even though they impact on the livesof others by great ways. These are the characters that do the realthing on the ground, leave alone the leaders who only draw plans. Theactual implementers are never celebrated yet they are the ones whohelped achieved it. For instance, in a football match, the one whoscores that lone goal is the hero and the others are unsung yet theycontributed to that victory. The case does not only arise in sportsbut also in all other aspects of life. When a student achieves and isthe best in a region, the student is regarded a hero but the teacherwho mentored and made them reach that height is never regarded.Unsung heroes do exist and are never celebrated in the same way asthe sung heroes (`Unsung`, P, 13).


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