How Entrepreneurial Health Care Impacts Patients


HowEntrepreneurial Health Care Impacts Patients

With measures putin place aimed at reforming health care, the use of informationtechnology in the health sector has since created a business sensethat never existed before. Some models such as Accountable CareOrganization, in both the private and public health sector, are nowrewarding contributors by lowering healthcare costs, while keepingthe patients healthy (Blair, 2007). The movement, which is aimedtoward better health care, is now encouraging entrepreneurship, whichhas impacted on the patients in a number of ways.

Health care hasbecome an attraction of entrepreneurs from other industries, whichhave invested in this sector, some to make profits and others totackle some of the sector’s toughest problems. Entrepreneurialhealth care is currently benefiting from business, science, finance,and the information technology world in finding solutions to healthcare. As a result, the patients are impacted in a positive way(Blair, 2007). This is because entrepreneurial health care comesalong with fresh talent and new perspectives of making profits and atthe same time, improving conditions of the patients. Entrepreneurialhealth care aims at recognizing enormous opportunity to make maximumprofits in the health care sector, while lowering costs and improvingconditions of the patients.

The patients willbe impacted through direct access from the consumer technology.Investing on devices and online support communities to increase theprofits, the patients on the other hand, are empowered throughpatient involvement in monitoring their health. As much as thesedevices are slowly gaining ground, they are rapidly being adopted,which will present plethora of opportunities to the entrepreneurs,while facilitating quick recovery of the patients (Blair, 2007). Inconclusion, entrepreneurial health care could also have negativeimpact on the patients. The negative impact may include the inabilityfor these patients to receive proper medical attention. This couldbecause of more attention placed on profit-making than improvement ofhealth care.


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