How Research Validity Affects Nursing professionals

HowResearch Validity Affects Nursing professionals


HowResearch Validity Affects Nursing professionals

Statisticalconclusion validity in quantitative research is important because ithelps in giving the extent to which the validity relationshipsbetween different types of data in the research exist. Furthermore,this type of validity is used to identify the reasonableness of thevariables in terms of qualitative and quantitative conclusions.

Secondly,internal validity in quantitative research is a useful tool becauseit helps in drawing the truth that regards the cause and effectrelationship studies. What internal validity aim at achieving isgiving the approximated truth into the inferred variables orstatistics in research?

Theother type of validity, construct validity is important inquantitative research as it measures the extent to which the researchtest claim or purport to be measuring. Apart from that, it allows todetermine the appropriateness of the inferences made on the researchtest in quantitative research (Berg &amp Latin, 2008).

Thefourth type of validity is the external validity, and it is importantto quantitative research because it is used to relate the findings ofthe current research to the other external circumstances andphenomenon. It gives a broader picture of the situations as they aresupposed to be (Muijs,2004).

Theissue I identified from the reading on internal validity is itssensitivity to the cause-effect. Internal validity is based on thecause-effect relationship and as such it is more concerned with thespecific topic under research (Krishnaswamy,Appa Iyer Sivakumar. &amp Mathirajan, 2006).As such, it is possible that a certain research will have internalvalidity and lack construct validity. However, the findings of theresearch will and can be used for drawing conclusions on externalvalidity since it all depend on the conclusion drawn from theresearch. There can be a lot of consequences when an advancedpractice nurse neglects to consider the validity of a study researchwhen analysing the research for possible use in developing anevidence-based practice. Nursing professionals who fail to considerthe validity of the research jeopardize the integrity and usefulnessof the research findings (Polit&amp Beck, 2008).

Thespecific issues that we look at to verify validity of data inquantitative research is the agreement of the assumption broughtforward with the actual finding. The error or the deviation of theactual findings from the estimated or inferred data is anothermeasure that will determine the validity of such findings. Internalvalidity will be verified by a careful study of the findings and thecause of the outcome. They should be directly related in order todeclare the research valid.


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