Human Sexual behaviors blog

HumanSexual behaviors blog

Sexmatters were less researched before 19thcentury and several issues remained unknown. However, afterscientific advancement took effect, several scientific based researchmethods began. Previously, sex matters were only discussed throughmoral lessons. Scholars such as Sherfey argued that women inparticular had less say on matters of sexuality. Significantdevelopments in the 19thcentury such as improved medical practice, emergence of sexualproblems and emergence of new fields that were concerned with humansexuality widened knowledge on human sexual behaviors. Alfred Kinseymade significant progress in sex research especially on human sexualbehavior.

Itis surprising that sexual problems were not given significantinterest until in the mid 19thcentury. This can be related to social and religious beliefs attachedto the morality of sex matters and things did not change until viewson sex matters shifted to biologically based view. One cannot blamethis state of affairs since most sexual related cases such as theJack and Ripper were considered sin. Based on limited focus directedto sex issues, issues such as promiscuity were sin as sexuallydeviant acts and perpetrators were loathed.

Historyindicates that even when human sexuality perspective changed fromseeing sexuality on moral basis to biologically-based, scientist anddoctors still could not explain human sexuality conclusively.Sherfey’s article provides a more insightful view on male to femalesexuality.

Farfrom the Freud’s morally based view on sexuality, Sherfey’sdiscussion informs more why promiscuity pervades in the modernsociety. However, Sherfry discussion veers from the moral function ofsex for reproduction. One thing that stands out is the sexualvariance between males and females. It is hard to believe that eventhough promiscuity was loathed in traditional and modern age,according to research conducted by Sherfey and Kinsay it will behard for this sexual deviance to end. Women have become moreengrossed on sexual satisfaction than love. Therefore, sexualdeviance is not a medical or psychological condition requiringtherapies or medical attention. Sexual variance between male andfemale is to blame for increased promiscuity in the 20thcentury.