I Want Fake Love


IWant Fake Love

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ChuckKlosterman says that there is no woman who will ever satisfy him. Onecan doubtfully think that he is taking out of self-pity. Moreover, hejust can’t show his frustrations and defaults openly for everyoneto know. Klosterman argues that many people get frustrated andconfused and even forget their ideal when it comes to love issues.Many people fall in fake love and end up being disappointed in thepursuit of that love. True love is rare to find since people set highand impossible standards. Moreover, it is not a personal problem. Theproblem arises from people’s culture. . (Klosterman,2004)

Manypeople will put the blame on media that it creates many expectationsin people’s minds concerning love and relationships. Expectationsthat is impossible and difficult to fulfill. Conversely, Klostermanblames actors and musicians like Coldplay and Lloyd Dobler. Coldplaydid a song on how it feels being in love. It gives an illusion of howone is supposed to feel when in love. In the process, people werepersuaded to want the feeling for real. He blames John Cusack for therole he played as Lloyd Dobler, which made many women believe in fakelove. Finally, he blames everyone for making art and lifeinterchangeable. Besides, he media is not to be blamed. .(Klosterman,2004)

Klostermanargues that we can’t be satisfied by other people in a relationshipsince we base our judgment on them against movie standards. Suchstandards are difficult and impossible hence dissatisfaction anddisappointment. Never the less, we mess up everything when we let artbecome the ideal that we turn to. As a result, people becomefrustrated and disappointed in love. He claims that viewers fell inlove with the role played by different characters and not the realpeople who did the acting. Many people believe in a fantasy love andnot true love. (Klosterman,2004)


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