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Thenumber of immigrants migrating to the United States of America hassignificantly improved to as high around eleven million immigrants.These people have been described using various adjectives and are inmost cases referred to as illegal immigrants. Their enormous numberattracted a lot of debates as to whether they were supposed to beallowed to stay in the country and make their efforts to acquireAmerican citizenship or be ejected out of American boundaries.

Onone hand, these human beings just as we and thus deserve to betreated as human being and not wild animals being sent out of ahomestead. On the other hand, as high as the eleven millionimmigrants in a country, this sounds a lot of burden on the country.The government spends massively to have the immigrants in thecountry.

Theseimmigrants in turn may not reflect their gratitude to the government.Being that the illegal immigrants are not registered as citizens,they don`t pay taxes to the government. This translates to a burdento the bonafide citizens of the United States of America. The burdencomes about from the fact that the services the government offers tothe immigrants are from the taxes paid by the American citizen. I amtherefore for the idea that the illegal immigrants in the UnitedStates of America be ejected to give the government an opportunity tooffer services to those who truly deserve the services.

Meanwhile,I would have been in a position to strongly argue out my standregarding the subject if I would have been in a position to accessclarity on many issues. A few questions here and there remain pendingas I put forth my argument that the illegal immigrants be fished outof America. What does the United States of America gain the favor ofhosting the illegal immigrants? If there is anything the country cansmile about because of hosting this group, then I would re-check onmy stand.

Anotherpoint of worry is whether the immigrants can identify their mothercountries such that in case of eviction they can have somewhere toclaim. Still, it is not clear to me how the citizens of the UnitedStates of America find it when relating to these illegal immigrants.Are the illegal immigrants a source of an inconveniences ordisruption in the way of lives of the American people? Aclarification on the questions mentioned above is a breakthrough to astronger stand or a change of opinion on my position.

Someproblems that the United States of America and her citizens areexperiencing at the moment could be related to the vast number ofillegal immigrants in the United States of America. Among theproblems include:

Lossof jobs by American citizens:A vast number of American citizens have lost their jobs to theillegal immigrants. Still, an enormous number is out of jobs becausethe immigrants hold the positions they would have led to the variouscompanies. The illegal immigrants accept to be employed under lowpays and poor working conditions thus becoming cheaper or affordableto the employers. [CITATION Kar99 p 233 l 1033 ]Theseeasily bend low to the terms and conditions of serving in varioussectors of the American economy. These traits make them be the prefercandidates by employers to fill the available vacancies.

Depreciationin wages:The illegal immigrants are always willing and ready to serve in anyvacancy even at low pays as they treat such opportunities as offersand favors. The employers are thus tuned to pay less than they werepaying before and with time, these wages may keep on depreciating. Itthus becomes quite challenging for the employers to make salaryincrements to accommodate an American citizen. This then remains along-term problem even after the immigrants is removed out of thecountry.[CITATION Uni04 p 18 l 1033 ]

Anincrease in criminal offenses:Criminal offenses are on the rise in the United States of America.When investigations are done, it is found out that the illegalimmigrants do a bigger percentage of such criminal acts.Unfortunately, the criminals are never arraigned in court to face theforce of the law. Once they have indulged in criminal offenses, theyescape the country`s borders leaving the judicial system in judicialproblems.

Astrain on the available resources:A combination of the population of the Americans and illegalimmigrants in enormous putting a lot of pressure on the natural andman-made resources requires for the purposes of human survival. [CITATION Deb07 p 21 l 1033 ]Thislarge population facilitates the rapid exploitation of the availableresources which eventually lead exhaustion of the same. Overcrowdingand traffic problems are also associated with such a large numberthat may enhance the spread of various deadly contagious diseases asfor the latter case.

Lossof taxes by the American government:Being non-citizens of America, the immigrants pay very little tax ifany. In contrast, the American government spends huge lump sums ofmoney in the provision of various services to them. Such servicesinclude meeting the cost of education for their kids besides thecharges on the delivery of healthcare services. The common Americancitizen pays the taxes used in settling all these costs. This meansan illegal immigrant is directly a burden to any American citizen.[CITATION JrG08 p 164 l 1033 ]

Terroristactivities:From the large population of illegal immigrants, a good number ofterrorists have been identified. Still, others are surviving withoutbeing identified and thus can easily perform their terrorismactivities. [CITATION Deb07 p 143 l 1033 ]Terroristsfind it very easy to leak into and hide in the United Statesof America. The terrorists can do so by claiming they are illegalimmigrants only to be identified as terrorists after they haveperformed an attack that claims the lives of many innocent citizens.An example is the case of the 11thSeptember 2001 attacks that were alleged to have been performed bythe illegal immigrants. The immigrants went against the provisions ofthe United States of America and were given student visa cards by thesame government even after performing the attack. [CITATION Kar99 p 238 l 1033 ]Otherswere the attacks in Virginia and Washington dc that claimed severallives and were performed by an illegal immigrant.

Conversely,the illegal immigrants are as well of importance in some ways to theAmerican citizens and her economy as a whole.

Anincreased market base for goods and services:A large population means a wider market base. The business operatorsin the United States of America enjoy expanded base of consumers fromthe massive population. They are assured of making huge sales andrealize high profits. The large market provided by the largepopulation attracts many traders to bring more goods and servicesinto the country. [CITATION Kar99 p 189 l 1033 ]Theoverall effect is a boosted economy of the United States of America.

Cheapand readily available labor.The immigrants are willing and able to offer labor at very cheaprates. This makes employment affordable to the employees hence theycan absorb or higher large numbers of laborers. The economy of thecountry thus moves on smoothly with very limited problems because thedemands of the laborers are manageable. [CITATION Ame08 p 322 l 1033 ]Suchproblems and issues such as industrial strikes against low pays, poorworking conditions and protection of rights will not be experiencedin the economy.

Theimmigrants can accrue some money and send to their families.The illegal immigrants can make savings from the wages they receivefrom the labor services they offer in the United States of America.Those employed as civil servants also have an opportunity to makesavings from their salaries.[CITATION JrG08 p 214 l 1033 ]These savings are sent to the mother countries to assist their familymembers.

Inthis way, they become sources of funds to their families facilitatingtheir survival. From the money they are sent, the family members getthe chance to engage in various activities that will see the moneyspent in the most prudent manners. These activities involve but notlimited to paying school fees for their kids, investing in businessactivities and settling various expenses.

Paymentof dividends and interests to the commercial banks.From the fact that these illegal immigrants live in the United Statesof America, they use the services available in America. This alsoincludes the bank services. [CITATION Uni04 p 11 l 1033 ]Theillegal immigrants borrow money from the commercial banks for use tofinance various activities. The borrowed money upon return attractsinterests and dividends that are only payable to the very banks. Theactivity acts as a good source of revenue to the commercial banks. Inthe long run, the economy of the United States of America is boostedand made stronger.


Insummary, I have learned quite important issues regarding the illegalimmigrants in the United States of America. Despite the drawbacks theillegal immigrants set in the country, the illegal immigrants are aswell loaded with numerous benefits. The people of America need thesebenefits. Indeed, the problems associated with the illegal immigrantsoutweigh the benefits they come with but that does not mean they arenot of any help. Having keenly checked on the pros and cons of theexistence of the illegal immigrants in America, I remain to stand bymy opinion regarding the subject.

Iremain to argue that the illegal immigrants in the United States ofAmerica are supposed to be evicted out of the country. Though theycome with various benefits, they benefits are only sidelined to aparticular small group of people as a larger percentage remain inagony and suffering. Moreover, most of the benefits that the illegalimmigrants are associated with can be achieved by the population ofAmerica themselves even their absence.

Forexample, the population of America is large enough to provide a broadmarket for her goods and services. America thus does not need theinput from external consumers whose origins and identities areunfolded.The human population of the registered citizens of UnitedStates of America is enough and even in excess of the labor needed tokeep the economy of America running. The United States of Americathus needs not the services of external citizens and or illegalimmigrants.


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