Importance of English in Nursing

Importanceof English in Nursing

Importanceof English in Nursing

Propercommunication is an imperative aspect of building and maintainingboth personal and professional relationships. English, in this case,plays a major role in facilitating camaraderie in understanding and,therefore, meaning. Learning and understanding English is also agreat gate pass to career development. Personally, learning Englishhas been of great help to me especially in my nursing career. Thisessay aims at explaining the importance of learning English in mynursing career as well as my plans.

Tobegin with, I have improved in my communications skills. Patientsrelate to nurses more than any other healthcare professional.Communication between a nurse and a patient is of vital importancesince the nurses mostly work at re-assuring the patients’ recovery.On the same, nurses need to communicate with their work colleaguesand other visitors. Proper communication, therefore, helps indeveloping proper etiquette, respect and unity among workers (Wright,2012). The English class has thus been beneficial.

Wright(2012) agrees that understanding cultural diversity is a challengethat nurses face. Learning English has helped me to be sensitive topeople with different cultural backgrounds. Such knowledge is anessential to the success of every nurse. The ability to write clearlyand comprehensibly and using accurate spelling will help me avoidimpending fatalities. My future plan is to further my nursing careerand better my patient –nurse relationship. This will help me insaving as many lives as possible through proper patientcommunication, encouragement as well as medication.

Inconclusion, English is a great key in proper communication andmaintaining healthy relationships which are essentials in a patient’streatment and healing process. The English classes have thereforebeen of great help to me both socially and in my nursing career.


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