Incentives for Hotel Attendants

Incentivesfor Hotel Attendants


Incentivesat places of work are meant to increase motivation and satisfactionat the place of work. Motivation is not only enhanced by monetarycompensation but by different needs of the worker as stipulated inthe study of organization behavior. For hotel room attendants, andspecifically for the case study, it is required that motivation benon-monetary. The strategy I would recommend to the hotel is to offerunannounced reward, offering free lunch and maybe rewarding theattendants who hit a minimum of a certain score after inspectionlet’s say 98%. This will encourage and motivate the attendants intheir duty hence, increasing the quality of service delivery and atthe same time the employees are satisfied with their work. The amountof money in this plan is relatively lower than an initiative ofsalary increment, thus, reducing the cost of operations.

Theplan I have in place will increase guest satisfaction, and it islikely to attract new clients in the hotel. It will reduce managementsupervision and lead to job satisfaction. The plan will, however,cost the hotel money to ensure it is successfully implemented. Someattendants may only work for the sake of the incentives rather thanadapting and incorporating the same afterwards.

Toensure hotel guest attendants produce quality service to the client,I will ensure that they are so trained. The areas I will focus mostlywill be related to professionalism, integrity and good communicationskills. I would also carry out a program that ensures that at leastthe hotels have dynamism in terms of linguistic. What I mean is thatthe hotel attendants would come from different regions, and at leastone can speak the major languages of the earth for the sake of theguest and clients.