Initial Impression of Britain, People, and Culture Number


InitialImpression of Britain, People, and Culture


InitialImpression of Britain, People, and Culture

Britainremains one of the developed nations globally and highly regardedsince its one of the colonial powers that invaded other nationsglobally. From the historical literature, British is seen as a topnation The historical development and prominence of the British orthe UK among other nations has led to a different perception of thecountry to different people globally, especially those who aren’tnative British like me. With reference to the British culture as wellas its position globally in terms of different other aspects such aslanguage, culture, education, and sports among other aspects whichare a definition of the British country or the United Kingdom. Havingnot been in Britain before, I had a diverse perception of the regionas a country as well as United Kingdom which is formed by fourdifferent nations, i.e. England, Wales, Scotland, and NorthernIreland. One of the major interesting aspects is the British culture,education system, music among many other aspects which have allincreased my desire to learn and understand more about The UK. Thispaper focuses on my first impression of the British, its culture andalso my current understanding of the same after changes.

Whenever,the country is mentioned, and I think of the country, the first thingthat comes to the mind is the Britain’s education institutionsspecifically university of Cambridge and University of Oxford. Withthe early development of the country’s education system, which wasadopted in the countries that were colonized by British, I have hadan interest in the country’s renowned universities. One of the keyaspects that have greatly contributed to this first impression is mydream of joining one of the colleges in the region. On the otherhand, with reference to my initial response I had held with referenceto the British culture, is the way the people were represented inmovies, as well as desire to adopt their speaking ascent. The displayof a typical English man, with an umbrella and a black hat, was anenticing aspect about their culture which I also dreamed ofexperiencing.

Educationhas been and remains an important part of British life, with hundredsof institutions such as schools, colleges and universities beingestablished including some which are famous in the world. However,during the course, this aspect, characteristic of the British asinitially understood has gradually evolved and in turn making moreunderstand the education system of Britain as well as its key role tothe Britons. Through my visitation to the UK, I have realizededucation is free for all the children aged between the ages of 5-16years. Additionally, the country is known to support both schoolattending and homeschooling programs. In addition to the definededucation system, the British, teaches what is referred by differentpeople as technical skills of design which teaches the process andthinking. With respect to my previous understanding of the Britisheducation system, I came to find that, they have a strong foundationof their system. This has in turn enabled the government to support,the education demand among the British, in turn making it producesome of the globally recognized universities such as the case of,universities of Oxford, and Cambridge. The major change contributingfactor in terms of the country’s education system and quality iswhen I became a direct student to one of the institutions in the UK

Onthe other hand, the language of the Britons is much different fromthat of the Americans. At some point it said that “British andAmerica are two same countries, only divided on the line oflanguage”, this is according to the language PowerPoint (Language,nd). Being a fan of movies, TV series and films I have come to lovethe British English to that of the American. The British accent ismuch different from the American ascent, with some pronunciation ofsome common words being different, not only in pronunciation, butalso in writing. A good example of the British language used is thewriting of the Shakespeare literal works, which is a display of theBritish language in writing. The English language is one that hasspread around the world, developing huge variations in regionalaccents from the Aussie twang to the famous Cockney accent found inLondon, for example in the TV series A Study In The Pink is anelaborate example that uses the British accent. The languagedifference between the American and British English brings alonginteresting aspects such as the pronunciation of words. For example,from the different TV series watched, different words may mean thesame but pronounced differently. i.e. the word ‘tomato’ ispronounced ‘tom-ah-to’ in the UK, but ‘tom-ay-to’ in the USAand the word ‘mobile’ is pronounced ‘mow-bile’ in the UK but‘mow-bl’in the USA

Withthe contribution of personnel’s such as Noah Webster, who wrote thefirst American dictionary to differentiate between the American andBritish language, this explained the magnitude of the British Englishglobally (Language PPT, np). Much of the English culture is carriedin their language and in turn the British English remains animportant aspect, and also an identifying tool within the Britishculture. Since coming to the UK, I have developed, and understood theBritish English and also learned how to pronounce words. Through thecourse duration, I have had my initial perception of the Britishlanguage and ascent well understood. The first interpretation wasthat the British English is much complicated and harder to speakcompared to the English version. However, after watching some Britishacted movies such as ‘The Vampire Diaries’, and ‘The ItalianJob’, and the latest of them, ‘Pride’ which is a 2014 release.Currently, I perceive British English just like another language andenjoy talking it (IMDb, 2015). One of the reasons why I have come toadopt the language aspects of the British is due to the love for thelanguage and my desire to know to both speak and use the language(The Queen, 2015).

Inaddition to the language development, the British culture is a richculture which defines who, and what is to be a British. My firstunderstanding and admiration are the typical English gentlemen whowere defined by the wearing of a hat, and an umbrella. This was evenrepresented in movies, especially when one wanted to show people ofclass in the society, as well as when the royal family came intoquestion. For example, after coming to the UK, the idea of anumbrella and a hat as a sign of a gentleman ship was erased, and inturn, despite being highly regarded in the early times, the country’shas undergone through a massive evolution in terms of dressing.However, the evolution with reference to the dressing of the Britishpeople has ever been experienced due to its richness in the culturalmix as the country has had numerous invaders and immigrants.

Insummary, the British has over time had numerous major to the aspectsof theater, literature, and architecture. Individual names such asShakespeare, Chaucer and Dickens will always be remembered due totheir tremendous contribution to the English culture and in thegrowth of the culture. Despite the early picture that I had of howand what the UK was made of, the regions have undergone tremendousevolution in terms of its cultural aspects into its modern state.This has been in terms of the language and accent, dressing,education and also relations with other nations. Learning of theBritish culture in the literal devices and through other mediachannels is different from the actual experience. My first idea ofthe British was somewhat right, as per the little knowledge I had inregard to the country. However, after the experience in the country,the understanding of the region has been greatly gone through amassive evolution to understand the British culture.


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