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Addictioncan be defined as the inability for oneself to control the usage ofsubstances or indulge of certain activities. To commence withcommonly known type of addiction, drug and substance addiction is theloss of control over the usage of substances and drugs. Drug addictspersons are attached more to drugs to an extent, they lose controlover their bodies without the drugs. Such people will do everythingjust to have those drugs. However when it comes to sex addiction,there is no clear definition of sex addiction as different scholarstends to define it their own way. To combine efforts with otherscholars, Sex addiction is the continuous engagement of sexualbehaviors irrespective of numerous harmful penalties associated withthe activities over a period. Similar to other addictions, sexaddiction starts with people indulging in sexual behaviors in smallportions, which accumulate to indulging with, people they barley knowsexually. From previous studies conducted about sex addiction, lesspercentage understands and believes that there is an extent when sexbehaviors can be termed as sex addiction. Hence, the research papercomprehensively and persuasively argues the topic of men sexaddiction. The thesis statement is whether I side with the topic ofmen sex addiction or not. To support the verdict concerning the topicof discussion, the research paper investigates sex behavior in termsof gender and age. The paper further investigates the gender that isrampantly reported with the particular type of addiction.Additionally the paper puts forth the symptoms of sex addictions thatdominate in male gender than in female.


Inregard to Hagedon, an estimate of 20 to 36 million people of Americanorigin struggles with sex type of addiction. In comparison with othertypes of addiction like that of eating disorders to mention one,making the particular addiction the highest scorer in terms ofpercentage. Further, the projection of the number is expected to,rise continuously due to pre-disposure of favorable conditions likethe availability, affordability, accessibility, and usage of internetamong other conditions. Irrespective the fact that sex addiction hasbeen around for thousand years, research shows that internet usagehas contributed majorly to its increase. Regardless of the fact that,the condition can be managed, medical practitioners find it hard totreat the condition due depression, shame, anxiety, and other factorsthat hinders the victims from opening up about their addictioncondition.


Varioussurvey findings have come up with different factors that might be thecause of sex addiction. It is paramount to note that sexual abuseespecially childhood sexual abuse contributes greatly to sexaddiction. A sexually abused child grows with trauma and anxiety toindulge at the later years of his or her life. Parents’ involvementduring the child development as well determines the sexual behaviorsof children later in live. For instance, children who lack a fatherlyfigure during their development, face a challenge in dealing withtheir sexual behaviors. Lack of sex education as well adds up tocauses of sexual addiction. To a certain percentage, substance abusemay co-occur to sex addiction, as it is associated with depressionand anxiety. As if not enough, some research result indicts thatinternet has been the cause of sex addiction. Additionally, from theresearch outcome, nearly 25% of the sex addict persons adopt thebehaviors from what they view and watch on the internet. As well,masturbation and use of objects may cause the addiction as thevictims fails to get sexual satisfaction from their partners’resulting to anonymous and multiple sexual relationships in searchfor sexual satisfaction.


Iagree with the topic of men sex addiction with the followingsupportive points towards the topic. First, from the initials studiesconducted, the evidence clearly indicates that more men availthemselves in sex therapist centers a clear indication of theaddiction. Second indication is that a large percentage of malegender indulges with multiple sex partners another valid reason tosupport the topic of discussion. Third studies indicates that whenchildren are born to families mother spend much of their time withchildren. The result of such behaviors motivates men to go out ofwedlock to seek sexual satisfaction from different people than theirwives. However, with time the behavior gradually develops toaddiction without their consent. Fourth, from the above causes of sexaddiction, would like to echo on usage and availability of internet.When comparing men and women, previous studies suggests that, moremen are educated about usage of internet-compared women. The factmakes it a clear indication that, men are more exposed to pornographyand other sex related activities than women. More reasons to supportthe topic of men sex addiction. Fifth, from the women complains abouttheir husbands sex behaviors, some complains that they have evenfound their men masturbating a clear indication of men sex addiction.


Thefact that more men avail themselves in sex therapy centers does notmake women any better from the addiction. Maybe the women are notwilling to open up yet more addicted. Secondly, the studies conductedregarding girl child education indicate that more female gender is invarious education programs than male gender. An implication thatwomen are also equally affected with the addiction like men as theycan as well access and use the internet, which is one of the maincauses of sex addiction.


Themainly widespread symptoms coupled with sex addiction a craving forgreater sexual concentration and activity, inability to giveattention to, pornography dependency, anxiety, feeling of shame andguilt to mention some. From the previous studies, men sex addictsportrays the symptoms unlike women another reason to side with thetopic of men sex addiction.


Fromthe above argumentative and persuasive essay, it is obvious thatprons points outweigh those of cons about the topic of men sexaddiction. The points answers, the research question of whether Ibelieve that there is this type of addiction known as men sexaddiction. By investigating the causes of sex addiction, the synopsisof the addiction and more importantly comparing the sex behaviorsbetween men and women I believe that men sex addiction is real and itdoes exist. It is high time men came clean regarding the addiction tomake the work easy for the therapist to deal with the addiction.There is cure for the addiction and the treatment process starts byopening up one’s sexual habit. Sex addition addiction is a diseaselike any other addiction that calls for the attention. Though lessoften discussed it requires the attention especially at the 21stcentury that is dominated, with advanced and availability, oftechnology. Though practiced by both gender and across all ages, itis evident that it is more rampant in men than, women. It is alsomore for educated people who spend much time on internet makingeducated men more vulnerable to the addiction than any other person.


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