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Experiment outline

Thesis topic: A study on the effects of corporal punishment on thelong-term health of children. The effects investigated including thebehaviors, the relationships with the parents and the initiatives putin place to enable protection of children.

  1. Statement of problems

  2. Definition of terms

  3. Theoretical framework

  4. Study methods

  • Type of research used

  • Questionnaire presented

  • Respondents

  1. Study hypothesis

  2. Review of related literature

  3. Scope of study and limitations

  4. Significance of the study

  1. Body

  1. Background of research topic

  • Factors contributing to corporal punishment in the current situations, how they can be avoided.

  • Punishment recommendations used instead of applying corporal punishment

  • The international codes in protection rights of children. The codes that state the rights that are violated through corporal punishment.

  • Initiatives in place to protect children from effects of corporal punishment. Close look at different countries that practice corporal punishment.

  • Law declarations for child protections. Changes in laws and cultures in regions and countries that practiced corporal punishment.

  • Remedies of involving in corporal punishment. The actions through the courts taken for those involving in corporal punishment in children.

  1. Presentations and analysis of data obtained

  1. Information regarding the current health effect situations as a result of corporal punishment in children. Both the long-term effects and short term effects of the punishment.

  2. Socio-economic demographic profile of children. Different children undergoing corporal punishment through cases from different regions.

  3. Current corporal punishment practices in children


Hitting of the head

Striking the palm

  1. The effects as a result of corporal punishment

Brain development

Behavioral effects

Educational achievement effects

Relationship between parents and children

  1. Conclusion

  1. Concluding statement

Analytical summary

Thesis reworded

  1. Recommendation to study

Work cited

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