Investigative Report


FourCharacteristics of a Report

Tostart should be stated that a well-structured report should possessseveral characteristics that include: accuracy, completeness,clarity, and conciseness. In this essay, I wish to consider each ofthe elements in a closer manner. The first element I am going todiscuss about is conciseness. It is good to be noted that thiselement can be illustrated in this kind of form: informationpresented in the report should be clear and in short form with themain points clearly and well formulated. Conciseness is significantin the report as it assists the writer of the report to focus on thekey ideas and not waste any of the valuable time of the listeners ingiving out very detailed information that is irrelevant (Kuiper,2009, p.33). Conciseness implies that what you have to say should bein the fewest words possible without any complications. The report,therefore, should be complete without including too many wordydetails that are unnecessary. Conciseness, therefore, saves on thetime of both the sender and the receiver of the report. It alsoeliminates the unnecessary words and allows the flow of veryimportant ideas to the target audience.

The second element is completeness. As a matter of truth,completeness implies that at the time the report is prepared, thereporter should process a report that has a significant amount ofinformation. This simply implies that the data presented in thereport should be viewed in different angles. In short, the reportershould present different opinions, and also it should imply that thereport should cover different dimensions such that it should containan objective character. The report should be detailed and shouldpresent very elaborative information that does not contain any formof doubtless. This simply means that information should be straightto the point and should not be complicated in any way whatsoever.Completeness entails that the report should contain all the requiredfacts that the listener or the reader needs. All the relevantinformation should be included in the report since the readers, andthe listeners differ in nature (Jameson, 2007, p.47). Completenesswill offer the readers numerous benefits that are required. Completemessage in the report offers clear message without altering or addingany information on the report and therefore it is significant to theusers of the report.

The third element is accuracy. It implies that the report presentedshould reflect the true condition of affairs and that it shouldpermit ambiguity in the presentation of the report. With the focus ofgenerating an accurate report, the reporter should determine crediblesources and should ensure that the information contained in thesesources should be simple without any form of contradictions(Holsapple, &amp Joshi, 2000, p.250). The arguments in the reportshould also be supported by the data that comes from the sources thatare reliable in nature.

The fourth element of the report is clarity. This implies that themessage in the report should be presented in such a manner that thereceiver of the report understands the information that is conveyed.The receiver should, therefore, interpret the message conveyed in thesame manner and way that was presented by the reported of themessage. The essence of clarity is to make the message readable andsimple for the individuals that the report is directed to. Claritytherefore also creates interests among the readers and accrues insimpler response for the readers of the report (Kuiper, &ampClippinger, 2012, p.21).


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