Job Analyst



Thereare different ways to gather information for job analysis purposes.First, one can conduct interviews with the concerned employees, theemployers’, external consultants or department heads to get usefulinformation. Second, the employees can be issued with a questionnairethat asks about the various aspects of the job for use in analysis.Third, the analyst can use observation skills by observation, theanalyst is able to identify some of the major physicalcharacteristics of the job that the employee may not be able toprovide in the job analysis questionnaire (Landau, 2011).

Thejob title is of a Business Analyst position at VAS Consultants. Thereis no other better job title for the position considering it entailsthe gathering of business information of companies that can be ofhelp in making decisions (Landau, 2011).

Thejob fits in conducting marketing for the company. The BusinessAnalyst position is intended to apply to projects posted by clientcompanies. It is the work of the analyst to ensure that they fullyunderstand the business operations of the company in order toconvince that VAS Consultants can sufficiently provide the servicesrequired. The job is comparable to a Research Assistant position inthe industry. The salary for the position is also 2.5% above theindustry rates due to the nature of VAS Consultants target clients(Landau, 2011).

Toperform the duties of a business analyst, there is need to haveknowledge of various computer software such as Microsoft Word inorder to format and create documents, Microsoft Excel in order toconduct complex calculations. PowerPoint skills are also importantduring the presentation of assignments to clients and use of theinternet for desktop research (Landau, 2011).

Theposition involves duties such as designing expressions of intereststo potential clients and creating project proposals. It also involvesattending the various meetings and taking minutes. In addition, itinvolves carrying out both desktop and physical research of clientsand the presentation of findings to the clients. Some of the physicalrequirements are the ability and willingness to travel by theindividual (Landau, 2011).


Landau,K. (2011). Recentdevelopments in job analysis: Proceedings of the InternationalSymposium on Job Analysis, University of Hohenheim, March 14-15,2011.London: Taylor &amp Francis.

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