Legitimate Grievances



Employeesin the case study have a legitimate grievance. The legitimacy ofgrievances raised by employees can be determined by considering fivefactors. First and foremost, the act on which the grievances arebased should have violated the union contract. Secondly, the actshould be a violation of the past practices. Third, the act shouldreflect a violation of employer rules. Forth, the act should be aviolation of the law. Lastly, the act should depict the violation ofbasic rights. Although Sarah made a deliberate decision to assist inhelp in cleaning rooms, the legitimacy of the grievances raised byemployees can be based on the fact that cleaning the room was anunreasonable allocation of work, which is inconsistent with theagreement made by the employer and the union.

Howthe issue could have been avoided

Thereare three major tools that can be used to enhance the hotel’sability to avoid the grievances. A suitable job descriptionindicating the roles of each employee with clarity will ensure thatmanagerial members of staff (such as Sara) do not engage in rolesthat are designated for the junior members of staff. Secondly,suitable policy and procedures or work rules and ensuring that allemployees have a copy of the rules will ensure that standards aremaintained within the hotel facility, which will reduce the chancesfor conflict between employer and employee. Third, the employmentagreement is a tool that will set out terms of work that are agreedupon by the employer and the employee. This means that employees willunderstand what the hotel expects from them.

Howto respond to the union

Thegeneral manager should treat the complaint seriously and be sincere.The general manager should reiterate that the hotel takes the type ofcomplaints seriously. The general manager should then inform theunion that it will determine the need as well as the scope ofinvestigation. The general manager should then ask the union to putthe complaints in witting. After conducting an investigation, thegeneral manager should inform and give a copy of the job descriptionto Sara and a notice informing the union about this action. Thenotice should also invite the union for further dialogue if notsatisfied with the decision of the management.