Letter of Intent

Letterof Intent

Myname is Jackson Floyd, and I am writing to apply for admission in aMaster’s of Science in Occupational Therapy program at theUniversity of Florida. I am a Certified Occupational Therapist withfive years experience in the field. However, I feel the desire toadvance my skills in the profession so that I can be in a position toassist patients at an advanced level.

Iam a brilliant Assistant Occupational Therapist with a bachelordegree from the Washington State University. I graduated with firstclass honors, which is a rare performance that has earned me anopportunity to work with the top –notch occupational therapists.

Myobjective to enroll in a Master’s of Science in OccupationalTherapy program is to acquire credentials for working in a hospitalin a burn unit. Many hospitals do not hire assistants, so it is achallenge for me to find a stable job where I can practice myknowledge.

Inaddition, I intend to qualify as a certified hand specialist becauseassistants cannot sit through that certification exam at anorthopedic clinic. The job involves dealing with bones and criticaljoints that humans need to accomplish routine chores. I am presentlya Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, a position that hashelped me to meet numerous experts who have mentored and honed myknowledge in the field (Duncan, 2011). However, my intention isacquire enough skills to help patients with hands that are disableddue to high indiscipline.

Ibelieve I am an eligible candidate for a position in the institutionbecause it was my target career ever since I was in junior highschool. I volunteered in a local public hospital that had a burnrehabilitation ward. I made friends with both professional doctorsand severely burned patients. For many months, I spent time listeningto stories from depressed patients who had lost hope of ever being ina position to use their hands to do the routine chores. The hospitalhad a shortage of hand therapists, so the few professionalssupervised recruited scouts who had completed basic medical trainingto assist critically sick patients to train their arms. Since then, Ideveloped a desire to pursue a career on the same path with theobjective to make a difference in needy people’s life.

Finally,my 2300 hours’ prior experience in the profession has given me anopportunity to work with reputable hand therapists. Coincidentally,all my mentors have praised my passion and dedication when workingwith the patients as a perfect fit for a specialist in the field.Consequently, I believe an opportunity to join the institution iscritical to my future as it will give me the knowledge and obligationof the Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC), which includesexperience of over five years and at least 4,000 wok hours (Duncan,2011).

Accordingto American Occupational Therapy Association (2010), the demand foroccupational therapists will increase by at least 13% per year from2010 to 2022. Consequently, I want to be a part of the professionalswho will facilitate the change. On the same note, I have wonaccolades from my previous supervisors as a dedicated and promisingexpert. Surprisingly, 75% of the professionals are affiliated withthe Florida University (Duncan, 2011). As a result, I have made upmy mind that I would like to join the institution that is known tooffer academic programs with a legacy to make top occupationaltherapists.

Forthe period that I have been assisting patients, I have learned tohelp patients overcome pain, stress and fatigue associated with handburns. Also, I can successfully help patients to use the adaptedequipment. Therefore, the enrollment in the institution is purposelyfor enhancing my skills so that I can attend to patients with handburns injury in high-end hospitals.

Ihave attached my credentials, including my work history and academiccertificates. If you would like to me to clarify or discuss anythingfurther, please do not hesitate to use the contacts I have listed onmy resume. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.




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