Locations in Nova Scotia


Clayton Park

Speed limits of 40 kilometers are applied in the streets around thepark. The limits have ensured reduction of fatalities and severeinjuries from accidents. The benefits of the speed limit are immenseand therefore the leadership of the Halifax municipality approved thespeed limits. This is an area that is frequented by numerous peoplesome on foot and others on bicycles. Vehicles moving at high speedswould cause a lot of accidents (TAC, 2009). Research indicated thatthe reduction of the speeds to 40 kilometers per hour would immenselyreduce the number of fatalities from injuries caused by accidents.The number of accidents also reduced significantly as a result of theintroduction of the speed limits on the park. Roads such as theFlamingo drive, Bridgeview and Bayview roads have the speed limit(TAC, 2009).

Halifax Public gardens

The roads leading to and from the gardens has a speed limit maximumof 40 kilometers per hour. It is useful to note that the area is atourist destination and it is visited by numerous people both fromthe area and from other parts of the world (Halifax, 2015). As aresult, these people are mainly walking or they cycle and thereforeand therefore they are extremely vulnerable to being hit by speedingvehicles (TAC, 2009). Research indicated that prior to theintroduction of the speed limit in the area, there were numerousfatal accidents and others led to severe injuries. Since theintroduction of the speed limit, there has been tremendous reductionin accidents and fatalities. Injuries have also been reducedsignificantly (David, 2010). It is critical to note that theaccidents and fatalities were a deterrent to tourists. Therefore,there was an urgent need to introduce measures to curb the accidents.Speed limit was seen as the best way to curb the accidents by themunicipality and it is abundantly clear that the measure worked(Stencel, 2014).

Point Pleasant Park

This is park that attracts tourists from across the world. The roadsaround the park have a maximum speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour.This is a recreational area and therefore it is frequented bynumerous people especially during the weekends and public holidays.The visitors are extremely vulnerable from the speed vehicles aroundthe park (Halifax, 2014). As a consequence,maximum speed limits was implemented in the area to ensure that theaccidents which were being experienced there were reduced if noteliminated completely. It is evident from research that the speedlimit has indeed reduced the fatal accidents around the park with ahuge margin. There are barely any fatalities or severe injuriesreported in the area since the speeds were reduced (NovaScotia, 2015).

Maritime museum of Atlantic

The roads and the streets around the maritime museum of Atlantichave a maximum speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour. Streets aroundthe museum such as lower water street have the maximum speed limit of40 kilometers per hour. This is due to the numerous people using thestreet and other roads around the museum. It is clear from researchthat these people around the museum are mainly cyclers and other areon foot (Nova Scotia, 2015). The danger ofthese vulnerable pedestrians being knocked by speeding vehicles isreal. It is therefore prudent to have the speed limit to ensure thesafety of the people. Research has indicated that prior to theinstallation of the speed limits, there were numerous fatal accidentsin the area (Stencel, 2014). However, since the speed limit wasintroduced, there have been extremely few accidents in the area. Thisis a testimony that indeed the speed limit worked and served itsintended purpose.


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