Lower Speed Limit in Urban Nova Scotia

LowerSpeed Limit in Urban Nova Scotia


Victoria,British Columbia, Canada

Asprescribed by the traffic regulation laws in British Columbia, thespeed limit within the municipality for road user is prescribed at 50km/h within the municipality and 8 km/h outside the municipality.However, due to the unique lifestyle of the inhabitants of thevibrant town of Victoria and the luxury history of its inhabitants,some traffic rules have been in place to help persons from all agecategories to walk and cycle going to work and for children going toschool. A deliberation in the recent regulation change has reducedthe specified speed limit from 50km/h to 40 km/h in among these butnot limited to the following roads, Quadra Street and SouthgateStreet. The other changes saw the speed limit for Cook Street beenlowered to from 50km/h to 30km/h at the section between Southgate andDallas Street. The law allows municipalities to set a default 50km/hspeed limit, but the changes can be made through the establishment ofbylaws and hoisting posters to announce and implement the change.Traffic has improved in Victoria as is the number of cases involvingaccidents. A report indicated that the reduction in speed reducedaccidents by half in Victoria (Victoria.ca,2015).

Theintroduction of speed limitation is meant for the good of both thepedestrian and the drivers. In residential areas, there is likelihoodthat an accident will occur, but the same can be reduced if the speedlimit is maintained at a lower speed. The town of Victoria is aluxury town, and it is likely that you will see people either walkingor cycling. Higher speed could make it difficult for a driver tocontrol the situation hence, an accident is likely to occur. Withlower speed, the driver will have the time to break the vehicle ordodge the victim and control the situation. The research found that85% of all roads in the town of Victoria have vehicles moving at an aspeed ranging from 40 to 45 km/h. As a result, the causalities due toaccidents have reduced.

Inthe Nova Scotia town of Halifax, the speed limit is set at a minimumof 60km/h. In the case neighborhood with school going kids, it isrequired that the drivers restrict the speed to 30km/h. Halifax is aresidential area, and a lot of people live there. The incidents ofaccidents have been on the rise partly due to the high speed ofmoving vehicles. Gauging from the finding of other regions outsidethe town of Halifax, it is expected beyond reasonable doubt thatreducing speed will greatly impact on the number of accidents. Thefollowing is a recommendation of what is expected to be implemented(Halifax: Nova Scotia municipality, 2010)

Thecity of Halifax management should set the maximum speed for motoristwithin the town at a speed of 40km/h.

Wherethere is a high number of school going kids and church, the maximumspeed on these roads and streets should be set at 30km/h.

Allsections of the road where there is a school or a public institution,the speed limit should be set not to exceed a maximum of 30km/h.

Themunicipality should provide big, visible and clear road signs toenable motorist be aware of the various speed limit expectations onthe roads. Once all the above has been observed, the town of Halifaxwill record few and inevitable accidents if any. Speed limitationwill improve the current situation on the roads in Halifax as was inVictoria.


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