Machiavelli Topic Ideas


MachiavelliTopic Ideas

MachiavelliTopic Ideas

Thewritings of Machiavelli, especially the treatise ThePrincegive a number of ideologies and principles that can be applied in thecurrent world. The application of Machiavellian principles in thecurrent world can use to understand or interpret world events in bothpolitics and economics. This outline gives three ideas on the topicsthat seek to explore Machiavelli’s work and application of theprinciples discussed.

Machiavelli’sComment on the Second World War

Thetopic seeks to understand how Machiavelliwould discuss the series of events before, during and immediatelyafter the Second World War and the resultant events and politicalreorganization.This topic will explore how Machiavelli would have treated orcommented on the events that led to the emergence of the Second WorldWar. Machiavelli would have taken a different view if he was alive tocomment on the situation that saw the world take a second globalconflict. The reason for taking this topic is because the SecondWorld War focused on the desire of countries to be supreme in theworld and dominate over others.

Inthe political treatise, ThePrince,Machiavelli presents the principles and arguments that can direct astate towards attacking another or taking control over other nation’sterritories. The nations that took part in the Second World War werebasically acting to protect their territories, while seekingdominance over other nations. This resonates with Machiavelli’sprinciples of holding and expanding a state.

Machiavelli’scomment on the U.S Superpower status

Itwould be interesting to explore the views of Machiavelli on the U.Ssuper power status through the application of his principles. Thetwentieth century that was marked by political antagonism and warsthat was concluded by the cold war. The results of the cold war gaveAmerica the platform of emerging as the world political power thatgrew to become a superpower. The economic developments in Americaover the century determined gave the United States as the dominanteconomy and political figure.

Inthe current century, the United States is struggling to maintain thesuperpower status by warding off threats to its national security andterror. This resonates with the Machiavellian argument that a statemust guard itself at any cost. In line with this and otherprinciples, America is using all the methods available to defeat itsmost significant threat to security in the form of terrorism. Theapplication of Machiavellian principles will help understand thestate that America finds herself in the world as the superior state,both economically and politically.

Machiavelli’scomment on the cold war

Machiavelli’sprinciples could be used to reflect on the series of the events thatmarked the cold war. The cold war was the most tensed period inhistory in the nineteenth century as the world was divided apart intotwo factions. The factions were at the verge of breaking the worldinto the third, and may be the most brutal war that could havecrumbled the world.

IfMachiavelli was alive during the entire period of the cold war, hecould have viewed the situation in a way that could have helped theworld interpret the events. Machiavelli’s principles would havehelped the world also understand what was at stake in the cold war.Therefore, application of these principles as seen in ThePrincewill shed light towards the reasons for the cold war and explain theoutcomes that favored the United States.