Managerial Skills and Abilities


ManagerialSkills and Abilities

ManagerialSkills and Abilities

Authorityis essential for manager because it gives the right organizationalpower and right to manage an organization. Authority gives themanager the right to give orders and seek their obedience from thepeople below his authoritative level. According to Mosaic(2014), authorityis an essential aspect of management because it gives the manager theposition of being in charge and determining the source of thedirectives in an organization. In addition, authority gives a managerthe control that is needed to administer an organization bydominating a certain span of control that pertains to his or herposition. At the same time, authority is essential for the manager toassert the supervisory required for the position (Mosaic,2014).Without someone leading a team or an organization, there is noauthority, no direction of control or directive communication.Therefore, authority is essential for any management position.

Technicalknow-how is necessary for a manager because it gives the expertisethat is needed to influence the people in an organization from aknowledge point of view. It is enough for a manager to just exert hisauthority for the position. Instead, a manager requires technicalknow-how to create an environment of equality, where employees knowthat their manager is as good as they are. According to Foss andKlein (2011), technical knowhow gives the manager the expertise tounderstand the organizational environment and know when things areright or not. In addition, technical knowhow provides the managerwith the expert power to influence the people or teams in anorganization (Foss &amp Klein, 2011). However, large corporationsselect CEOs who have no knowledge in the industry because they havestronger managerial abilities than the experts in the field.


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