Marketing Communication Manager Resume

MarketingCommunication Manager Resume

MarketingCommunication Manager Resume


NewYork, NY, 56712

[email protected]

VISION:To be a highly qualified professional, who can apply all the acquiredskills and expertise in communication management in any biginstitution, to achieve personal goals and steer the organizationtowards achieving its goals. &nbsp

of expertise

  • A highly qualified professional with 4-year experience in leading and managing communications for big institutions in diverse industries.

  • A respected leader of various corporate communication departments having successfully conducted fruitful communication marketing campaigns which have strengthened and built product images

  • Specialist in the scientific, theoretical and content development of profit-driven institutions. Verified capability to compel record-high campaign response rates and effect successful product launches.


IntelCommunication, New York, NY, 585356– Multimillion-dollarCommunication Company.

CommunicationManager, 7/2013 to present

  • Manage all marketing and communication tasks manage a 15-member team to achieve a goal of surpassing $1.2M profit.

  • Manage the company’s media relations, social media advertising and ensure effective inter-communication.


  • Developed and effectively implemented a company website that greatly enhanced company’s communication especially social-media marketing and communication.

  • Identified Intel communication challenges and implemented a policy that effectively addressed all the identified challenges making communication within the company an easy task.

  • Formulated and implemented an email policy to enhance communication through emails in Intel Communication Company.

  • Developed a Web portal to convert previously ancient intranet into an up-to-date website enhancing communication flow within and outside the company and creating more value in marketing strategies to enhance sales

  • Executed communication/customer care researches, to find out how communication affects the quality of customer care to ensure customers are well taken care of.

  • Created a communication kit that illustrates key communication analytics for use in communication forums and marketing campaigns.

  • Controlled all communication expenses to ensure a cost-effective communication policy to meet the targeted profit of $1.2M.

ABCCompany, Sometown, NYMultimillion-dollarCompany specialized in automotive supplies and parts

Internshippersonnel as a MarketingCommunications Manager, 4/2013 to 6/2013

  • Served as an effective communication manager on advertising campaigns and lead successful product launches

  • Effectively led a team of 8 in achieving the given targets

  • Expanded client base by 15% in a period of 3 months by managing communication and customer care to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • As a member of business-development team, managed to boost the company’s profit by 2% because of effective communication policies.

  • Earned approvals internally from my direct bosses and from external communication executives because of improved communication especially in the marketing department.


  • Formulation and implementation of effective marketing policies

  • Run and drive result-oriented marketing campaigns

  • Effective corporate communication

  • Innovative team leadership

  • Product differentiation, positioning and branding

  • Web and Print Content Development

  • Development of up-to-date learning and training materials especially on marketing

  • Public and Media Relations


{Universityof Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611}

Bachelorof communication,



Graduatedyear 2013 July with high honors


{VeniceHigh School, Indian Avenue Venice, FL,}

{Attainedgrade A-}

CoverLetter for a Marketing Communication Manager


NewYork, NY, 56712,

[email protected],

16July, 2015.

Mr.Sylvester McRae,

HumanResource Manager.

SiliconValley Bank,

SanFrancisco, CA, 94107

DearMr. Sylvester McRae,

Iam a highly qualified professional and exhibit communication andmarketing skills, which form an essential part of a company’sperformance and success. Having attained a degree in communicationand achieved three years hand-on experience in a big, dynamicinstitution renders me as the most suitable candidate to fill theposition of a communication marketing manager in your institution. Mypassion to work in your institution and drive the variouscommunication projects underway gives me the desire to explore thisopportunity further.

Evenbefore assuming the role of a marketing communication manager, I waswell equipped with the knowledge of communication strategies, whichboosts a company’s performance through effective marketingactivities and projects. I fully understand the need for effectiveintegration of communication and marketing strategies for successfuloutcomes. During the course of my job search, I have studied yourorganization at length and noted that organization is focused onimplementing effective marketing projects to achieve high profits.For instance, your last project on using social-media platforms suchas Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ was an amusing project, which Iwould have run with passion, and using my skills and expertise wouldhave achieved its main objectives.

Overmy employment period, I have formulated and effectively implementedvarious marketing strategies, which have been instrumental to thesuccess of various communications programs. Owing to my vastexpertise, have been contacted by the media on many occasions and cancarry out many funds development project at ease. I can easily buildinter-personal relations with internal and external money lendingorganizations through skilful and excellently written and spokencommunication, to achieve the latter.

Amavailable at any time of the day in case need be to further discussthe information have provided. I also wish to meet you at your mostconvenient time to further discuss the prospects o this application.

Thankyou in advance for your consideration.