Memo to Senior Management

Memoto Senior Management


HumanResource Management: Labor Relations 362

June28, 2015

Memoto Senior Management

From:Employees Management Consultant

To:XYZ Senior Management

Operating in either Unionized or Union Free Environment

28th June, 2015

Ipresent my views on the issues of concern to XYZ management onwhether they should operate in a unionized or union-free environmentin preparation for the planned union campaign. As a consultant, I maysay none of the systems are ideal, but both of them have somespecific advantages and disadvantages attached. What will determinethe kind of system adopted by various managers is the interest orobjective of the corporation.

Onthe primary differences, operating either in a unionized or aunion-free environment has some advantages and disadvantages relatingto the systems.

Advantagesand Disadvantages of a Non-Unionized Environment

Whileoperating in a non-unionized environment, managers can enjoy morefreedom in the dismissal process whenever they are unsatisfied withtheir employees. Corporations that employ union workers must alwaysundergo a lengthy and formal process when it comes to the dismissalof their unproductive employees. Non-union environments avoid thelengthy removal procedures and, therefore, dismissal of an employeecan be any time they violate their contracts. The ability to easilyget rid of non-productive and disruptive staffs will allow XYZmanagement maintain a congenial work environment and protect theprofit making of the corporation (Mishel&amp Walters, 2003).

Employeesand management of XYZ can negotiate their promotions through personalagreements in a non-unionized workplace. Staffs in the non-unionenvironment can sit down with a manager directly and discuss anindividual wage increase and other benefits packages. A chance tonegotiate with the management can yield significant advantage fromhighly productive employees. Unions always tie the hands of bothemployers and their workers in terms of any negotiation that relatesto their wages, other benefits and negotiating their contracts withtheir bosses. A unionized environment will serve as the solerepresentative of the employees of XYZ organization. Therefore, anynegotiation will have to be done through the union for all workerswho are union members. The problem is that, as the unions negotiatefor the members, some individual workers can lose out onopportunities that were available to them through personalnegotiations with their managers. Managers will also miss theproductivity of some employees that they would realize through mutualagreement.

Oneadvantage that employees would recognize when operating in aunion-free environment is the flexibility of their operations. Theycan make a trial with a system and drop it when it turns out to beunproductive. XYZ can enjoy an extensive flexibility advantage overtheir competitors if they operate in a non-unionized environment. XYZcan choose to change their methodology and alter the way it works ina way that is not available for other organizations working in anunionized environment. One of the problems of having an unionizedenvironment is that it will reduce the corporation’s flexibility.To meet union contracts, XYZ will often be forced to restrict itsactions and avoid some changes.

Operatingin an unionized environment may make communication within XYZ becomea challenge with union workers. Some workers unions require that mostcommunications to their union members go through their unionrepresentatives. The unions do require that they agree in advance onthe messages that are sent to their union workers before they reachtheir members.

Advantagesof Operating in a Unionized Environment

Onebenefit that the management of XYZ Company may gain from workingwithin a unionized environment is to take advantage of becoming abusiness partner. Unions have a universal desire of wantingorganizations to succeed so that their members can continue to workand receive higher wages. If XYZ Corporation is able to establish apartnership relationship with the unions, it will increase itsretention levels and motivation (Budd&amp Colvin, 2008). Forming a partnership with unions may make amutual agreement to exist between the two parties. When there is amutual agreement, there will be an improved working environment.

Throughunions, workers of XYZ who are members of a common union can givemembers a means to bond that will extend further than when they justwork together in the un-unionized environment. XYZ, while seeking toestablish high loyalty and teamwork in its workplace, might find aunionized environment advantageous for this reason. Most unions areoften effective at developing a shared sense of identity within theirmembers. If the partnership with a business is stable, this canincrease loyalty and motivation. Even though there are somechallenges, that may arise when managing in an unionized environment.

Thereare some strategies that the management of XYZ may apply to operatein an unionized environment. There are benefits that XYZ wouldattain from an unionized environment. For example, you negotiate witha set of elected representatives of the workforce. The company willcome to an agreement on innovations on terms of employment quickly.They will also help the management of the organization to pinpointand deal with issues that are upsetting people and reducingperformance.

ManagementRepresentatives Expected Engagement on the Campaign Date

Iwould request the XYZ team of management selected to represent theorganization in the upcoming union campaign to be careful on theirutterances in the campaign. The representatives that would be at thefunction will have to avoid attacking their workers by accusing themof the bad things. The officials should prevent any emotional act oractions guided by a feeling of betrayal by having employees join theunion (Gallin,2001). The representatives have to make sure that they have athorough knowledge of the labor regulations. Managementrepresentatives would be responsible for presenting their side andgetting the hearing they want by following the steps the law allows.

Someof the things that management could discuss would be to describe thereal features of working for XYZ Company. The good features wouldinclude existing benefits at the company. They can also remind theunions that signing union authorization cards doesn’t mean theyhave to vote for the union. The representatives should not forget tomention the unions during the campaign and about challenges attachedto them such as frequent strikes. They are also advised not to usethe campaign platform to fight for the union that is seeking thevotes. Campaigning for any specific union is illegal as employers arenot expected to take sides or lead their employees towards voting fora particular union. Campaigning or influencing their workers couldland them in the court of law.

Employeesof XYZ should be allowed to engage during the campaign in a freemanner. They should make their own judgment on whether to vote forany particular union. Voting should be free and fair.


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