Memorial Hospital Emergency Department

MemorialHospital Emergency Department

MemorialHospital Emergency Department

MemorialHospital has an ED designed to take care of only 40 patients yet itis operating with more patients than what the capacity of thefacility is meant to carry. The hospital is serving more than 80patients who are two times more than the designated number. The causeof this is that the hospital has few facilities that are required tohandle patients. There are many patients who are supposed to beattended to than the capacity of the hospital. The little space andhigh number of patients demanding for hospitals services has forcedthe hospital to admit more than required number of patients (MedicineCommittee on the Future of Emergency Care in the US Health System,2006).

The caregivers and the doctors in the Memorial Hospital areoverworked and therefore they are prone to commit mistakes due tostress and fatigue. The reason behind this is that there are fewerdoctors and health care services providers. The doctors have moretasks of controlling the patients in good order and treating them dueto the large number of patients. The problem is difficult to solvesince the neighboring hospital is also experiencing the same problem.

The managers at Memorial Hospital might monitor population health asa forecast method that involves the surveillance of health, diseasesand demographic patterns. This will help them to prepare on how toattend to a particular challenge they might encounter in thehospital. When this forecast is carried appropriately by the managersin Memorial hospital, it increases the chances of offering effectivepreventive measures to patients since it allows the hospital todetermine appropriate measures to retaliate a particular situation.It also alerts the managers about patient outflow and offers aparticular solution to the problem Institute of (Medicine Committeeon the Future of Emergency Care in the US Health System, 2006). Thiskind of forecast will prepare the staff and managers of MemorialHospital on how to handle a crisis.

Anotherkind of forecasting that managers of Memorial Hospital might use isforecasting environmental condition. This helps the managers andmembers of the staff to determine the kind of the disease, which thepatients may be suffering from. This, therefore, improves servicesdelivery since most of the diseases are diagnosed through a long way(Medicine Committee on the Future of Emergency Care in the US HealthSystem, 2006). This minimizes the costs of carrying out diagnosissince some of the ailments like pulmonary diseases can be forecastedand appropriate treatment given. This also simplifies the work of thestaff and reduces the stress of the job.


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