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Psychologyis the scientific study of the mind and behavior that decodes anindividual’s emotional and behavioral characteristics. Scientificresearch shows that psychology is the study that helps psychologistsunderstand the mental frame work of individuals who have mentalbreakdown, problems or uncertainty in their erratic behavior thatputs the lives of others and themselves at danger. Therefore, thispaper will conduct a research on Minnesota Multiphasic PersonalityInventory-2 (MMPI-2) and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory– Adolescent (MMPI-A).

Inthe late 1930s, American psychiatrists developed and published thevery first MMPI. However, the MMPI-2 was developed in 1989. Researchshows that it is the most used psychological test kit for patientssuffering personality and behavioral disorders in the clinical arena.It is developed to assist psychologists understand and identifypersonal, social and behavioral challenges affecting the lives ofpsychiatrist patients. In the 1990s, it was used as a psychometrictest to analyze the adult psychopathology in the globe. Currently,it is used to assess and diagnose mental illness especially in thefield of clinical psychology(Hathaway,McKinley, &amp MMPI Restandardization Committee, 1989).MMPI-2 is a clinical test that is often used in the court process tocases pertaining to criminal defense and custody cases. Moreover, thetest is used to provide crucial information to assist in problemsolving of peoples’ identities, diagnosis and treatment planningfor individuals who want clinical or non-clinical assessments. Tosome extent, MMPI-2 has been used for the evaluation of personalityand tendency irregularities such as bi-polar tendencies, mentaldepression, schizophrenia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).MMPI-2 is enforced by professional psychologists who ask patients anarray of questions which contain 567 true and false questions. It isdesigned based on a clinical scale which evaluates a patient’smental state through a sequence of questioning based on 10 majorcategories (Hathaway,McKinley, &amp MMPI Re-Standardization Committee,1989).&nbspPlus, it has 4 validity scales which assess an individual’s generaltest-taking attitude. This test has also been used to identifysuitable professionals who can conduct their job obligations indangerous work stations like law enforcers, pilots, fire fighters,mortuary attendants and surgeons among other risky professions. Dueto advanced technology, MMPI is administered in computerized versionswhich means that it is designed for patients aged 18years and above.

MMPI-Awas developed in 1992 for use by adolescents people aged between 14to 18 years old. It was designed at the 6thgrade reading level in order to understand the issues and personalitychallenges facing adolescents. This test has 478 true and falsequestions which aim at identifying the patients’ emotions,attitudes, thought process and behavioral pattern that constitutetheir personality(Fisher,1997).The outcome of the test dictates whether the patient is mentally,emotionally and psychological stable or weak to interact with theoutside world. Additionally, this test allows professionalpsychiatrists to identify certain personality disorders which mightbe hidden in a person’s character resulting in neurologicalpredicaments in the future. In the MMPI-A test there are 8 validityscales and10 basic clinical and personality scales(Fisher,1997).The essence of the MMPI-A is to uncover potential challenges that thepatient might encounter during adolescence.

Inconclusion, are psychological tests that are usedprimarily for clinical assessment for patients with personality andcharacter disorders. These two tests have helped solve crucial courtcases as well as prevent mentally and psychologically unstable peoplefrom hurting themselves and others.


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