Modern human trafficking

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Modernhuman trafficking

Humantrafficking has become a chronic issue that has affected manyfamilies in the modern world. It is difficult to solve given theworldwide networks involved, the high rate of corruption among thelaw enforcement agencies, and the lack of adequate political will.Initially, traffickers targeted energetic adults who were sold forforced labor. However, the current trends indicate that a largenumber of people are being trafficked for the sex trade, while a feware trafficked for forced labor (Top Documentary Film 1). Mostimportantly, many people are sold by the family members or the peoplethey regard as friends. Girls aged between 7 years and 20 years areat the highest risk of being trafficked compared to other groups.These girls are sold for sex by brothel owners where over 80 % ofthem are infected with HIV/AIDS with Bombay reporting 90 cases ofinfection per hour (TDF 1). Although the stakeholders have takenseveral strategies to address human trafficking, the issue is complexand can only be resolved through the international cooperation of thelaw makers and law enforcers.

Theissue of human trafficking is complex and many suggested alternativesto address it have either failed or offered partial solutions. Forexample, the formulation of laws to combat human trafficking iscommon to nearly all countries, but trafficking has been on the rise.In addition, the non-profit organizations have made severalinterventions, such as providing social support to victims humantrafficking (TDF 1). However, it is very challenging to reach thevictims of trafficking because most of them are issued with threatsto ensure that they do not reveal their predicaments. A strongemphasis on the law enforcement has been tried, but failed becausethe stakeholders in the police force are bribed and end-up betrayingthe victims of trafficking (TDF 1). Most surprisingly the networksuse people who are very close to victims, including their friends andrelatives to get them into a trap (Jennifer 1).

Themost common trend in the alternatives that have been tried is thatindividual countries and states adopt their own approaches. Thestakeholders forget that human trafficking is organized andaccomplished by groups that have established global networks. Forexample, some victims are moved from villages in Ukraine to brothelsthat are located in Turkey (TDF 1). This suggests the only viablesolution to the issue of human trafficking is through theinternational cooperation where the stakeholders in the law makingand law enforcement from different countries will join hands andaddress the issue. It will be possible for agencies in the victim’scountry to communicate and cooperate with the country of destiny tosearch and return the victims to their countries and bring theculprits to book with the help the international cooperation. Inaddition, the international cooperation of the lawmakers and the lawenforcers will make it possible to break the gangs’ networksthrough a concerted effort of the members of the internationalcommunity and organizations. However, the international cooperationshould be used to supplement the current strategies, since a singleapproach may not be a perfect solution.

Humantrafficking is accomplished by well organized groups of gangs withestablished international networks, which implies that any viablesolution should also have a global structure or network. Trends showsthat most of the people who are trafficked for sex trade, where theyare sold to owners of brothels by the trafficking networks. To someextent, the policies and laws formulated to address the issue havefailed because of the rampant corruption that has left the victims oftrafficking with no one to help. In addition, it is evident manycountries and states make their own policies and laws withoutconsidering that they are dealing with a global issue. To this end,the international cooperation of law makers and law enforcers cangive a viable alternative to address the menace of human trafficking.


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