Movie Supervisory Technique


MovieSupervisory Technique


MovieSupervisory Techniques

Themovie House M.D is a medical drama television show that was airedbetween 2004 and 2012. This movie is inspired by the hospital dramaand the activities that unfold in the execution of the healthservices in the hospital environment. The leading role in theproduction lead by David Shore and Paul Attanasio are proud havingproduced the most watched television program in 2008. The televisionshow which is documented as a series movie of eight season depictshigh level of skills in the production quality and supervisorytechniques which makes it one of the best rated shows in the UnitedStates in its first through its fourth seasons which are actuallyhalf the show(Shore, D. 2013).

Highsupervisory techniques are the product of the one-time most watchedtelevision shows in more than sixty-six countries in the world.Through the production of this medical drama show which is faced byvarious challenges such as the production specifications such as thelack of lab coats in the environment which clearly should represent ahospital that portrays a lot of skills in production. The leaders inthe production of House M.D use their roles skills and techniques tolead in their supervisory role. The supervisory role playedespecially in the season finale of the episode that brings quite amixed debate in terms of the ethics represented in the show and theethical aspect of the episode to the society.

Someof the supervisory techniques used in the season finale are quiteeffective while others are questionable for example the question ofwhether the series was to be killed by the use of the disastrousburning of the building in the last episode which would have beenutilized to represent the actors’ roles towards the end oflong-awaited series finale. It requires the best of supervisorycreativity and motivation to end an almost a decade series in thelast episode without disappointing the loyal fans. Shore andAttanasio do their best in ending this season finale in a twistedenvironment where it ends with the team getting trapped in a burningbuilding. However, it is up to the viewers’ opinions concerning theending of the House finale(MTSU, F. SEASON FINALE).

Theaspect of bringing back the actors in the last episode is anothercontradicting factor played by the supervisors of the movie. Thereintroduction of the characters should have made sure they arerelevant for the fans anticipation towards the finale. Towards theend of the movie has a mixed emotional reaction presented by theescape and death of House which later happens to have been faked andevidence sealed by the exchange of the dental records. The finale ofthis series show presents a rather complicated form of supervisoryskills that if not keen the viewer may end up not getting the finalconcept the supervisor and the director are trying to build. It isquite evident that House was a complicated character in the moviehence in line with the finale he fakes his death and wipes out theevidence by switching the dental records. He plays dead which at somesupervisory point of view presents an idea to be borrowed by adifferent series for continuation(Barnett, B, 2010).

However,this last episode does not score fully in the supervisory techniquedue to some unexplained circumstances inside that brings suspense tothe viewer. Despite the use of the walk the talk supervisory modelthat presents some descriptive conversations between Dr. House andthe patient, it is not quite clear when presenting the diagnosisconcept and the changes in location when House and his patient findthemselves in the warehouse. This creates a break in the flow of thestoryline for the viewers which according to the feedback has moredamage than good to the movie finale.

Pickingfrom the last episode in the eighth season which is the season finalefor the movie, I would have introduced a number of differencestowards the end as a supervisor following the anticipation of theviewers. The viewer expects a more thrilling finale to the almost acentury series which should feel like a finale. It would be better touse a more definitive environment to end the finale than the use ofthe burning building that acts as a way to kill the seriesintentionally to the viewer. It would be more thrilling to the viewerto experience a more concrete story end than the use of the fire andthe escape and return of the main actors, House who represents acomplicated character in the movie altogether. The supervisory teammight have failed in the explanation of the warehouse fire sourcesince it is not clearly expressed. Secondly is the transformation ofthe seen by House and the patient who out of no order in eventshappen to be found in an unknown location that is later attacked byflames of fire.

Finallyis the effect of the environment towards the coordination andmanagement in the supervisory role. A stressful environment presentsdifficulties in bringing out the concepts in the production lineforcing the viewers to struggle in understanding the context. It alsoleads to a difficult time in casting the episode sine the resourcesare to be maximized hence taking the skills of a good supervisor tobeat deadlines.

Inconclusion following the supervisory traits presented by theunfolding of the House season finale, I would pick the great endingcharacter represented by a man who has remained nothing but a shadowthroughout the series, Dr. House. The technique here is to present acharacter full of mystery in the movie as a hero who could fake hisdeath to remain free and liberal. As curtains fold, I would recommenda larger part of the supervisory techniques in this movie finaleapart from some loopholes that needs clarity for the continued flowof events(DiMartino.2013).


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