My Personal Experience and Skills

MyPersonal Experience and Skills

Thethree goalsthat I haverightnow

  1. Building a network

Beingan internationalstudentrequiresone to havestrongsocialnetworks.Thesocialnetworkprovidesone with a platformto interactwith a widerangeof peoplein my fieldandfrom otherfields.In my areaof study,networking will be importantin helpingme buildmy careerthrough acquiringinformationfrom therelevantpeople.Besides this,my statusas an internationalstudentcallsforme to interactwith peoplefrom variouscountriesandbackgrounds.Through them, I can learnmoreabout thefinancialstatusin thedifferentpartsof theworld,especiallyin thecurrentdynamicenvironment.In my dreamof establishingandmanaginga business,networking with otherpeoplewith similarinterestsandfrom otherfieldswill serveas an inputto thenumberof potentialbuyersandresourcepersons.

  1. Studying abroad

Asan internationalstudentstudyingin America, I donot wantto curtailmy experienceto theimmediateculturewithout exploringthewayof lifeof peoplefrom othercountries.I lookforwardto studyingin anothercountryandexperiencea newenvironmentas wellas interactingwith otherstudents.Asa businessmajor,I understandthatitis imperativeto understanddifferentcontexts.Differentculturalenvironmentsmay requirethecustomization of venturesto be in linewith its culturalvalues.Havingan experiencewith thecultureswill widenmy perspectiveof theviable businessesviable in a country.I will alsojuxtaposethedifferentculturesandunderstandtheunderlying reasonsfortheir variation.

  1. Analysis of Investment Opportunities

Asa practicing financial, investment and business professional, skillswill be of major use. During my internship program, I learned how toanalyze different investment opportunities and come up with aprofitable portfolio of investment. Making investment decision is notan easy task as I used to think before I went to take the internship.Information on the current financial health of such an investment isone of the most important pieces of information. Further, I knew thatthe risk of business is un-inevitable and dynamics exist inconducting investment decision. In the future, the information willhelp me because I intent to invest back in my country’s stockmarket and I would definitely wish to do so in a profitableportfolio. Identifying a profitable portfolio would be a difficulttask but thanks to the information I learnt in my course and theinformation I experience I got from the internship program.

  1. Understand the Financial Environment

Iwould also like to be a professional investment and financial analystoffering advice to people who want to pursue sound investment paths.The internship program came in handy in equipping me with theknowledge and the wide context of the business world in general. Ialso understand the financial practice of different countriesfollowing my networking and interaction with people from differentparts of the world. The world being a global village would requiredynamism in terms of practice and understanding the investingenvironment. Cross-border Liberalization policies and provision offinancial standards in practice require understanding the globalsituation of the economy, financial and investment concepts. Myinteraction with different clients during the internship enabled meachieve all the above objectives and hope the same will be of greatbenefit in developing and achieving my life ambitions.

Thethingsthat I am proudof havingachieved

  1. Academic progress

WhenI joinedMichigan stateuniversity,I wasveryanxiousabout theeventuality of lifein thecampussince itwasmy firsttimeto studyas an internationalstudent.I associatemy pooracademicperformancein thefirstsemesterto my inabilityto settlefastandcope with thenewculture.I recordedan aggregateof 2.37 pointsin thefirstsemester.Thegradeloweredmy spirits,anditmademe realizesthatI neededto settledown,orient myselfwith my newcontextandup my gameconcerningmy studies.Theconsequentsemestersshoweda positivetrendof 3.2, 3.5 and3.75 as of lastsemester.I considerthisas one of thegreatestachievementssofar.I learnedan importantlessonthatone hadto actimmediatelyin caseof an immediateneed.

  1. Gaining knowledge on the stock market

Lastyear,I sourced somemoneyfrom my parentswhenI developedan interestin theAmerican stockmarketandinvestedit.During thatperiod,I acquaintedmyselfwith theoperationsof themarket,andI becamean avidnewreaderandreviewerof newsconcerningthestockmarket.Through this,I becameinformedwith theeffectors of thestockmarket.Amemorableturnof eventsis during theRussia oilcrisisthat gavetheAmerican stockan upsurge. TodayI can followthetrendsin themarketwith, andI considerthisagreatachievement.I look forward to applying the knowledge in the Chinese stock marketsince I have increased chances of getting profits from timely andsound investment in the stock market.

  1. Joining the student organization

Ihaveneverregrettedsince I joinedthestudentorganization.Thebodyhas beenmy vehiclefordevelopingsocialskillsthrough participationin communication.Theorganizationpresentedme with an opportunityto meetpotentialrecruiters andgetinformationabout therequirementsof thedifferentpositions.I am proudthatI nowhavesocialandethicalskillsthrough thenetworksI haveestablished.

  1. Internship

Aninternship is my othergoal.Itinvolvesgettingexperiencewhileworkingin a fieldof interest.I lookforwardto workingwith an organizationthat will helpme sharpenmy skillsin business.Unlike otherfieldsthat might not requirea lotof experience,beinga businessmajordemandsexperiencefrom theperformanceof tasks.Someof theundertakingsare difficultto implementifone lacksguidanceandmentorship. During my internship, I got a chance to comprehendthesophisticatedissuesrelatingto my fieldof studywith thehelpof practicingprofessionals.Itwill be facilitatedby encounteringchallengesin a realsituationanddevelopingmechanismsto solvethem. Themajorgoalof my internship was to applytheknowledgeI havegainedin classto therealjobsituationandpolishtheskills.Working under the watchful eyes of my supervisors enabled me to bringout the learned skills and put them in practice

Insummary,I havedevelopedbothacademicandsocialskillsthroughout my course.Fortwo months,I workedforHUAFU securitieswhenengagedin simulation tradingandconsequentuseof realmoneyto tradein thestockmarket.I alsogainedmonitoring andrecordkeepingskillsin thetwo monthsI spentat theMichigan State University whereI assistedin theculinary department.I nowhaveeffectivecommunicationskillsthat I developedby beinga memberof MBS. In thisgroup,wefocusedon communicatingour objectivesandsharingthem with each,anditbecamea fruitfulplaceforme to polishmy communicationskills.During theMSU homecomingparade,I tookpartas a volunteerandweacquaintedourselvesverbalcommunicationleadership,andI believeI can extendtheskillto anyengagement.

Thevirtueof hardworkthatI developedduring my yearsof studyis an aspectI wantto propagateto thenextstageof my life.I havefoundmy professorsas helpfulpillarsas wellas my classmates. Through networking in socialgroupslike theMBS I believeI havewhatittakesto approachmy majorwith a positiveattitudeof sharingwith others forpersonaldevelopment.Finally,I lookforwardto developingmy voluntaryservicesfurtherby joiningnetworksthat lookat theissueof disenfranchised people.I believethatmy majorwill be of greatimportanceformy careersdevelopmentandalsoforthewellbeing of otherpeople.