Network Diagram




Installinga home network is not all about buying a router and connecting ityour PC. It is important to consider all factors before choosing thebest alternative. Either one can decide to have a wired or wirelessnetwork is depending on what purpose the system it intended to serve..Considering the needs of my family, the best option for oursituation is a wireless network. It is crucial to find a wirelessnetwork that can serve all the functions that I need.

Themost important part of any network, wired or wireless is the router.The router handles both the speed and the connectivity of anynetwork. (DohertyJ. and Anderson N., 2007). They are two types of routers modular andfixed, and after a lot of research I released that the modular routerwas the best for my family. This router would enable music and videotransfers between computers within the network. It would also be helpme to edit and print photos by connecting a laser and photo printer.The router would also enable me to access my PC remotely on a securenetwork. The router would ensure that my network was always secure.

OnceI had found the perfect router which met all my needed I purchased itand with the aid of the user manual, which was made available to methe manufacturer who wanted to make work easier for those who wishedto install the network themselves, I installed the network. It wasnot that hard, and all I had to do is it follow the step by stepprocedure and ensure that all the devices in my network wereconnected in the right sequence.

Thediagrams below is a summary of how the network was to be connectedand how it works


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