Itried eating raw almonds and cashews for the first time. I must admitthat this was something new besides what I am used to. I liked themdespite the fact that it was the first time I was taking these nutsraw. These nuts were not new only that I had never eaten them rawbefore. I have always had them roasted with some fat and salt. Thereis a lot of information available on healthy snack choices. With thisknowledge, one can make more healthful choices of the snacks theytake such as eating raw nuts and seeds.

b)There are various environmental cues that make people eat more. Oneof these cues is the size of the portion or package that gives peoplea consumption cue as to what is reasonable or acceptable. Peopleoften choose a large package as opposed to a small one despite thefact that the two have same contents (Liebman, 2004). I relate tothis experiment since in many cases I go for something in a largepackage assuming that its content is a lot. It made me realize that Iconcentrate on the size of a package instead of focusing on thecontent of a package that I want to eat.

c)It is very hard to avoid environmental cues, and I can admit thatthey significantly influence my eating habits. Since the environmenthas a huge impact on our eating habits, making changes on theenvironment can assist an individual in making their eatinghealthier. One of the changes to be made is having bowls of healthysnacks such as carrots at one’s disposal as opposed to bowls ofcookies. It will make one go for the healthy snack because they haveno other option at their disposal.


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