Operations Management




Thecompany that I will research is Wal-Mart. My choice for the companyis because it is a large international company with appropriateoperations strategies that have made it to become the largestretailer in the world. The topic of operations management is anessential topic that applies to the success of the company. What Iknow about the topic is that it involves the process of managing andcontrolling production processes, and designing business operationsin the production and distribution of goods and services (Chase etal, 2007). The important resources that can be used in the researchof the company include annual reports of the company and thecompany’s website. The company website is particularly importantfor the production processes and operational strategies of thecompany that lead to production of goods. Library articles, books andother academic resources will also be used to find information neededto analyse the operations management of the company. Internet sourcescan also be used.

SWOTanalysis is also an important tool in the initial research of thecompany. It represents Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities andThreats. One of the advantages is large scale of operations andeconomies of scale due to its size and presence throughout the world(Roberts &amp Berg, 2012). The company also has a lot of resourceswhich are used efficiently and effectively to get the best results.One of the company’s weaknesses is that it operates in many marketsand many product lines which affect the flexibility of the company,and results in operational difficulties (Roberts &amp Berg, 2012).The opportunities of the company include alliances and mergers indeveloping countries and increased purchasing power in the emergingcountries. Lastly, the company faces the threats of competitiverivalry from companies such as Tesco and Kmart. The company alsofaces the threat of negative political factors such as corruption andpolitical instability in developing countries.


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