Capturesbackground information on disability in the society and how thesociety has been reacting to the issue. It introduces two majormodels used today to handle the issue of disability around the world.

  1. Inclusion

Definesinclusion and captures a few laws that have helped to eliminatediscrimination against people with disabilities

  1. Effects of Inclusion on Students with Disabilities

Discussesin depth the effects inclusion programs have on students that livewith disability. The section relates the effects of inclusionprograms on students with disability to effects on typical students.The effects are discussed from different dimensions including social,economic, and personal.

  1. Effects on Typical Peers

Brieflycaptures effects of inclusion on typical students, tutors, andparents

  1. Conclusion

Restatesthe thesis and concludes the essay without introducing any new ideas.

  1. References

UsesAPA formatting style to capture all references used in writing theessay