Peopleassume that there are other serious problems affecting the economy ofa country other than overpopulation

1.1Thesis statement

Overpopulationis not only a problem in the developing countries but alsoindustrialized countries. Therefore, all countries should worktogether in ensuring that there is limited population growth(Gottlieb 123).

1.2Identifying the effects of overpopulation

Abig population is forced to turn out to desalination for their cleanwater which is expensive. Fuel use is very common in the world we arein and especially in automotive.

2.1.Exhaustion of natural resources

Asthe human population continues to grow, natural resources such asfresh water and forests get depleted.

2.2.Increased climate change

Thekey cause of climate change is the greenhouse gas emissions thatresult from increased human activities.

2.3.Reduction in funding

Fundingper capita has significantly been reduced by the increases inpopulation. The growth of school needs makes the school unable tomeet needs of all the students.

2.4.Congestion in Traffic

Theincrease in population increases traffic problems.

3.Supply and demand Analysis

Naturalresources face competition when a country is overpopulated

4.The consumption costs

Inthe recent world, the world is working hard to reduce the increasingpopulation numbers. The population should adopt birth controlmeasures and regulations and spreading awareness

5. Conclusion

Withthe current increases in the costs of living and environmentalpollution, human beings should engage in ways that will help themregulate the number of children they give birth.


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