Part A and Part B


PartA and Part B


PartA and Part B


TheSymposium is a text by Plato that is philosophical in nature and itis dated between 385 and 370BC. It is a piece of art that concernsitself with the foundation, nature, and purpose of love. This textexamines love through a sequence of speeches given by men who attendsa symposium or at drinking parties. In these gathering, every man hasto deliver a speech praising love. It is good to note that the partytakes place at Agathon, Athens. In his speech, Socrates asserted thatthe aim purpose of love is to be a philosopher i.e. being a lover ofwisdom. In The Symposium, Plato says: “Love is of something, andthat which love desires is not that which love is or has for no mandesires that which he is or has. And love is of the beautiful, andtherefore has not the beautiful. And the beautiful is the good, andtherefore, in wanting and desiring the beautiful, love also wants anddesires the good” (Plato, 1932). This is a clear show that love isbeautiful. And the love for wisdom is what makes one a philosopher.The account of Socrates in regard to love is relevant even in themodern day. People still show love to the ones they desire.

Solomonand Higgins in Ashort History of Philosophyarguethat in the 20thcentury, analytic philosophy, logical positivism, phenomenology, andexistentialism are the philosophical issues in the 20thcentury (Solomon,&amp Higgins, 1996).In this case, logical positivism statements can be verified to beeither empirical or logical or not. This is when cognitive meaningcan be drawn from such statements. In Plato at Googolplex, Plato istrying to show why people need to use knowledge. He says: “If wedon`t understand our tools, then there is a danger we will become thetool of our tools. We think of ourselves as Google`s customers, butreally we`re its products” (Goldstein,2014).


Iterms of interesting books in this unit, I find Symposiumby Platoto be a very interesting book owed to the way love is described inthis book. This piece distinguishes between common love and heavenlylove. Philosophy still matters a lot in the lives of many people.Philosophy is a profession that teaches skills that are valuable forpeople who are in different professions. Inductive reasoning andcritical thinking are the hallmark of philosophy. On top of this,philosophy helps in showing people that a given problem can have anumber of solutions. This way it equips its students with skills ofattending to a given problem from different approaches. It is good tonote that philosophy is not a collection of facts that need to bememorized, but it is a methodological approach to problem solving andthinking. Through philosophy, people will be able to think logically.They will have the ability to analyze problems and get the bestsolutions. It will also enhance their speaking and writing skills.Students will have a chance to learn about how to ask questions andhow to prioritize them. This way, they can be liberated fromprejudice and help them to be independent thinkers hence, promoteautonomy, individuation and self-government. Philosophy tends tobroaden people’s perspective about life. I appreciate the good workof the instructor, but I have two issues: one, the instructor neverresponds to email on time and two, always homework is posted late.


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