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Personal statement

One of the abilities that I developed in my early schooling days wasrecognizing relationship and creating workable connections withpeople. Moving on through the educational levels, up to the higherlearning stage, I realized that poor communication of ideas and lackof convincing self-expression are one of the main factors influencingpoor communications. I took up the challenge of developingexceptional communication skills, which I worked to integrate with mystudies. Given this, over time, I have been able to understand thebasic and complex concepts of communication comprehension andinterpersonal relationships through language. This has helped me tocreate a perspective of simplifying ideas and explaining them toother people, who over time, I have noticed to be inspired by myenthusiasm for positive and result-oriented communication.Additionally, applying these exceptional communication skills helpedme create a stronger relationship with my peers and educators,facilitating my development into being a skilled and capablecommunicator.

My proficiency in communications is the beginning point for myambition and potential in the area of integrated marketingcommunication. I have subscribed to a number of publicationsaddressing the issues and trends in the field, which has equipped mewith more knowledge and skills in the same. I have continuallyengaged in evaluation of advertisement, marketing and publicrelationship communication techniques, and creating a connectionbetween the same and brand perception. Given this experience, Ibelieve that am in a good position to comfortably create bettercorporate communications, which have the potential of attracting themost promising clients, and ideally providing solutions to addressany issues in weaknesses within the structure of corporate marketingcommunication. Combining modern technological developments andtraditional models of communications, my personal vision is to helpmy organization to take evolutionary steps in the field of marketingcommunication. An opportunity to fill in the position of themarketing manager in integrated marketing communication wouldtherefore be an opening to great openings for me and the company.

Summary: Approach taken

While writing the personal statement, I kept in mind one of the mostfundamental rules in doing the same. According to Stelzer (2002), allpersonal statements are supposed to be tailored to the role inquestion, and the writer should pay keen attention to the jobdescription. Having done this, I went ahead guided by the objectivesof wanting to work in the industry, the skills that are applicablefor successful consideration, employment and career development andsource of inspiration. At the same time, I was keen not to focus onthe achievements that I have gained in any working history, ratheremphasizing on the developments and experiences that I have gainedthrough education.

Stewart (2012) says that whilst creating a personal statement, onehas to inform the recipients of what they think of themselves, interms of qualifications and competencies. As such, I attempted todescribe the skills that I have gained over the period of schooling,which I thought were relevant for the position I was applying for. Atthe same time, I always kept in mind that what I say in my statementis a reflection of who I am, and thus, stepped up to showing thecommittee my priorities and what I consider important in the field.While doing this, I kept the statement official and objective minded.


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