Thearticle of one nurse’s fight against violence elaborates the lifehistory of one nurse’s action to fight against gang violence alone.Gang violence can be termed as a group of people who engage indisrespectable behaviors in the society. For instance, schoolchildrenmay join gang groups, start using drugs, robbing, and killingresulting to gang violence. In the article, it is one nurse fightingthe battle as she dominates the fight against gang violence and sheis a victim of gang violence. From the tender age, the father diesdue to gang violence and she takes the role of helping the mother toraise the siblings. As she secures a visa to study in the USA, shestrains alone with a member who would not understand her nativelanguage. She has no option but to struggle and fight poverty for herto continue with her studies. After pursuing her nurse course, shegets married but later the husband dies and she has to continueraising the kids alone.

Fromthe article, the writer of the article is a nurse trying to fightgang violence. She is a victim as her family has engaged in thebehavior or the one of the family member has been a victim of thebehavior. To start with, the young men whom he had given aride killedthe nurse’s father, who was a curb driver, since they did not havethe fare to pay. The nurse’s daughter started using drugs, causingcommotion in school, coming home late, and other irresponsiblebehaviors as from the age of thirteen. As if not enough the sonengages on homosexual behavior, the kind of behavior that face somechallenge from the society and the nurse has to fight the battle forthe son to be accepted in the society. She raised the family thinkingshe was offering the family the best only to find that the daughterwas a drug addict whiles the son a gay. In realizing the situationearly, she had to take an action to fight the illegal behaviors.Hence, she decides to help both the family and the entire communityby initiating programs, implementing policies that aided to fightgang violence. She achieves her ambitions trough a positive mind andpassion for helping the community to solve the problem alongsideplaying her role as a professional nurse.

Impactof politics on policy association, the community and interest groups

Politicsinfluences most of the operations in any given nation. Politicsinfluences policy implementation for many associations, the behaviorsin the community and the groups that exist in any particular state.Politics influences policy modification. For instance, some of thepolicies modified through debates and politics are the medicalinsurance policy, the need for a young person to get help in some ofthe rehabilitation centers without prior arrest, are some of thepolicies that have been modified due to continuous debates. Politicsinfluences the changes in policies, as those policies can be debatedover to suit the current situation. For instance, in the article, dueto the influence of politics, policies changed to enable young peopleto get help in rehabilitation institutions with prior arrest.

Inaddition, children can get medical care easily in hospital withoutquestions on the kind of insurance policy they have instead of whichpolicy to use. Politics influence the way to deal with crimes. Forinstance, some crimes need young people to go to rehabilitationcenters. Parents can effortlessly call some numbers to get backing onhow to deal with harms like crimes, protection, and provisions.Politics influences on how crimes can be handled in the communitythrough rehabilitation centers, juvenile courts and other penaltiesto help reduce crimes in the society. As if not enough, politicsinfluences the tackling of minority issues in the community. Forinstance, the nurse in the article can easily fight the battleregarding the rights of the homosexual behavior through the influenceof politics. Homosexual is a minority behavior that the society hasmixed feeling over the behavior. Politics comes in to defend therights of the minority group in the society through debates.Regarding the interest groups, politics influences the actions ofthose groups to ensure that they act accordingly. Politics ensuresthat interest groups act according to what benefits the society andnot the interest of those people than runs those groups. Forinstance, in the article, politics ensures that the organizations setto help fight violence, poverty, and poor sheltering handles thoseproblems and not benefiting the individuals.

Challengesfor advocacy and servicing

Promotingand elevating awareness concerning helpful issues in the society canbe frustrating at times. For instance, it is not that simple toactivist for policy change, as one need justifying reasons foradvocating for the alteration. In the article, the nurse had toinvolve herself in fighting for the change of policies. She managedto help in changing policies where young people would get helpwithout necessary being arrested first. Another challenge is that ofself-identification with the norms of the society. The society hasmixed feelings towards homosexual due to the norms and beliefs thatexist in the society. Advocating for what is socially unacceptable orwhat the society has mixed feelings is challenge because the societyfeels that, that is disrespect.

Asif not enough, another challenge is that of lessening into the sametrap as the people who oppose ration argument. Whenever advocatingfor change one need supporting evidence for the arguments. Else, itcan be difficult to convince others for what you are advocating.Finally, another challenge is the future acceptability of whatactivist advocates. There is a challenge to think of future take foradvocated policies. For instance, whether advocating forrehabilitation without arrest in the first place, advocating forhomosexual and other issues in the article will be accepted in futureor not. Therefore, it becomes a challenge for activist whenever theycome to think of the future take of what they advocated.

Opportunitiesfor advocacy and service

Thereare many ways in, which one can attain the opportunity to advocatefor a charitable issue. The first is to practice and implement whatthey advocate. For instance in the article, the nurse started leadingby example in offering her services at various health centers thatshe worked. She ensured that the patients had right services and theywere satisfied. She further consoled people with various problems.She participated in policy implementation in various boards andcommittees. She joined forces in implementing charitable organizesthat would help solve problems in the society. Second opportunity isthat one of modifying policies. In the article, it clearly depictsitself when the activist modifies medical insurance policies. In thearticle, the nurse as well joined forces in reducing the period oftrial from twelve weeks to four weeks. Another opportunity foradvocacy is to join efforts. The nurse joined the efforts throughvolunteering to offer her services. Through that, she was able tofight violence and advocate for what she wanted. Finally, anotheropportunity is the way one celebrates the successes. The nursecelebrates her success by donating the price of award she received tocharitable organization. The action clearly shows that she isdefinite of what she was advocating. As a medical educator, medicalprofessional need to lead by example. Whatever slightest opportunitythey get they can advocate for what is right for the patients and thesociety.


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