Product Design at Regal Marine


ProductDesign at Regal Marine

ProductDesign at Regal Marine

Asan international organization, Regal Marine strives to ensurecustomer satisfaction through the production of quality products andservice. Specifically, Regal Marine ties its innovation strategy tothe products life cycle of three years. Hence, the company seeks newdesign ideas from various sources including consultants, dealers, aswell as customers(Heizer and Render, 2004).Essentially, Regal Marine designs, develops, and produces innovationideas as soon as its products life cycles come to an end.

RegalMarine is also aware of the existing competition in the industryhence, the company uses a number of strategies to maintain itsdominance in the market. For instance, the company’sdifferentiation strategy involves the introduction of different powerboat models every year based on the input from its customers (Heizerand Render, 2004).Regal Marine specifically focuses on the competitiveness of itsproduct’s cost and the provision of good value.

Byusing the CAD technology as opposed to the conventional techniquesfor drafting, Regal Marine significantly reduces the time used in theproduction of new boat models. Apart from the element of reducedtime, Regal Marine is able to overcome the challenges associated withproduct innovation leading to the development of quality products(Nambisan, 2009).

CADdesign technology has a number of benefits when applied in theproduction process. First, this technology reduces the time used inthe production process. Secondly, the availability of design databasemakes it much simpler to develop new designs. Third and mostimportant is the element of cost reduction which is associated withthe CAD design technology. Lastly, emergence of the 3D CAD design hasbrought about new benefits which include interactive analysis,automation and simplicity in the designing process(Kaplinsky, 2010).


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