Project 1 Report


Project1 Report

Project1 Report

Natureis a friendly phenomenon that constantly seeks a relationship withthe human beings if we take keen attention towards the environment.This is one of the main lessons that I learnt when I took a long timealone in an isolated place in the natural setting around the LodaLake. As a hiking friend to JohnMuir, I had to choose a great place for a walk and reflection.Therefore,at Loda Lake, I settled at the edge of the forest, just next to theLoda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary. I selected the place it has a largeoak forest with large plantations that are not constantly disturbedby human activities. This gave me the time to interact with theenvironment with the natural set up of the quiet environment thatgave me a chance to communicate with the trees and nature.

Thenatural set up of the place provided the right environment to sharemy feelings, imaginations and thoughts with the environment aroundme. The reflection brought the things that JohnMuir used to tell me that every hidden place of natural has life andmusic that human beings can hear and interact with. This informed mybehavior at the scene and directed my interaction with nature in amanner that gave me an insight of what it means to listen to nature.It gave me the realization of what it meant to take atranscendentalist look at the natural setting that surrounded me. AsI reflected on the beautiful scenery and the importance of the time Iwas having in relation to the ideas I got from John Muir.

Thearea I settled at the Loda Lake and the Wildflower Sanctuary was wildbecause it had natural forest that was not disturbed by humanactivity. I felt that the place was wild because it had all thefeatures of a quite place with no interruption of the fast growingand industrializing America. At the same time, the place in theforest was safe as I did not enter deep into the thickets of the talltrees. As I settled, I could hear the whistling and singing of thebirds, jumping around from one tree to tree in an uninterrupted wildactivity.

Thescene of the place was serene and gave a true reflection of a naturalsetting. The area was filled with the fresh smell of nature in theform of the scents of the trees and the flowering bushes. The beeswere busy buzzing over the flowers as the insects jumped and crawleddown beneath. I sat for a long time, long enough to allow ants andsmall insects to crawl over my shoes as I quietly observed. This gaveme a quiet realization of the efforts of nature to interact with me.It is like nature was literary talking to me through theenvironmental setting.

Icould feel the perfect balance of nature in the way the trees wereresponding to the efforts of the birds to rest on them. When I leanedon a tree, it was kind enough to hold my weight, and the ants werekind enough to take my jacket as their paths. The experience wasalmost the same as I walked from one section to another in an effortto explore more nature in the forest near the Wildflower SanctuaryThis gave me a sense of live interaction with nature as I became partof the wild existence of the region. This affirmed my belief in theviews of John Muir that nature is throbbing with life and music.