Prostitution Number




Sinceancient times, prostitution has made its landmark throughout history,thus is referred to as the world’s oldest profession. It involvessexual relations in exchange for payment, mainly in monetary terms,and may generate substantial revenue. The elite, as well as thecommoners, engages in this act in different avenues, from streetcorners to classic hotel rooms. Mankind engages in prostitutionwhether it’s legal or not. Therefore, it is important to examinethe moral standing of society in regard to prostitution and theunderlying legal framework protecting universally accepted humanrights. The right to health should be especially prioritized forprostitutes due to the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases suchas HIV/AIDS.

Mostprostitutes are victims of circumstances, but in most parts of theworld, prostitution has been strongly condemned as a despicablesocial evil which not only undermines mankind, but also destroys thefamily unit (Ditmore, 2010). This agenda has been especially pushedby religious groups, who are also participants behind the scenes. Insome instances, individuals are forced into the business throughviolence and human trafficking, and in medieval times, throughslavery. In addition, prostitutes originate from the mostpoverty-stricken regions of the world.

Theresearch will comprehensively analyze the standing of the government,and social institutions such as the church, the Muslim and thehomosexual communities on their perspective on the subject matter.More importantly the research will interview a number of prostitutes,both male and female to get the facts and the untold truth about thereasons of their involvement in the business, and their world-view onunrelated topics such as politics so as to capture their social andmoral standing. I shall also give factual statistical data on thesubject so as to understand the economic and social impact ofprostitution on society.


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