Psychological Life Space

PsychologicalLife Space


PsychologicalLife Space

Afact may be considered a psychological when it is a kind that canonly be perceived mentally, and forms from the motive of anindividual. Personal motives are mostly mental driven. The motive ofan individual always leads to the formation of the desires in themind. Desires that are out of motive may are psychological needs, andthey seek satisfaction. There are also other essential needs thatthat are biologically motivated that requires an address from anindividual therefore, both psychological and biological needscompete for satisfaction hence creating some tension within the mindof a person.

Apsychological life space may occur when they are some realities orphysical needs fights for attention with the desires of anindividual. Psychological life space is a time or situation thatallows an individual an environment to get to the dreamland offorming mental desires. Expressing most wishes is in a conduciveenvironment. In addition, when people that are around an individualcannot understand the meaning of the expressions, they might considerit abnormal. As Lewin argued, “both psychological and biologicalneeds need to be addressed because they cause some tensionsatisfying both the needs help an individual in reducing theanxiety.” Lewin referred to psychological needs as quasi-needs.Biological needs are essential for any person’s survival,therefore, needs to be given priority when satisfying the needs.

Sincean individual forms unique desires in the mind, there is need toaddress the needs before they develop a tension that could be ofeffects to a person. One may argue that anything that has effects onan individual’s life is real. Therefore, in as much aspsychological needs are felt and cause tension, they are real andhave to be addressed.