Raising the Performance Bar Case Study Questions


Raisingthe Performance Bar Case Study Questions

Laverne couldhave, by herself, used negotiation approach. As the executivehousekeeper, Laverne could have ensured she summons them withouthaving to sound authoritative. Instead, Laverne could have inquiredon the supervisors to ensure their make lists that show performanceappraisals from the past. These lists could have revealed certainareas, which could prompt the supervisors to give stellar ratings totheir employees. In addition, these lists could have also revealedspecific areas that needed improvements, and the exact areas thatdemanded massive improvements. Laverne could then have given themenough time to think about the situation and the impact it could havehad on the hotel. The lists could have more likely elicited genuineresponses from the three supervisors, rather than forcing it out ofthem. Based on psychological perspective, Laverne should have refrainfrom bringing forth faults, but rather should have based it on humannature, and instead through negotiations. Here, the process couldhave let supervisors to think based on their employee’s as well asthe supervisor’s expectations.

Laverne becameaware through her supervisors that things had not been working outwell for a while. She now wants to handle her supervisors in a waythat massive improvements will be felt in their performances. Laverneshould first empower her supervisors. This will see her supervisorsview things from a different angle and in turn motivate theirworkers. Supervisors will from then see the essence of change. Itwill also encourage them to make change. Instead of issuing orders toher supervisors, Laverne should encourage open conversation. Thiswill ensure it get to the bottom of any problem, which results inunderperformance from both supervisors and workers. In addition,Laverne and the supervisors should employ clear communication toensure consistent feedback, which is essential to any sense ofperformance improvement.