Rejecting Opportunities Strategically

RejectingOpportunities Strategically

Emailto decline a job offer

Mr.Raymond Hannester,

Secretary,Human Resource Management,

Top-NotchInsurance Company

NewYork, NY 94107-00157

Declination of a job offer as Information Technology Personnel

DearMr. Hannester,

Thankyou very much for offering me the opportunity to work as anInformation Technology Personnel in your Company. However, aftercareful consideration, I am sorry that I must decline your job offer.Your company has outlined various future advancement possibilities inline with the job offered but I have decided to pursue another job asa marketing communication manager in the banking industry. Havingpursued further studies in communication, I believe that your offeras Information technology personnel will not benefit me very much interms of adding value to my professional skills and work experience.On the other hand, a marketing communication manager position in thebanking industry will present various opportunities to advance myskills, knowledge and expertise in matters concerning effectivecommunication in marketing.

Imust admit that I enjoyed meeting you and your whole team. You havebeen welcoming and kind throughout the recruitment process. Thisemail is intended to apologize for any inconvenience caused and togenuinely wish you all the best in your future recruitment processand the overall success of your company. I wish that circumstancesallowed me to accept your offer but although I have declined, I mustsay I have been greatly honored and humbled by your offer. Wishingyou continued success in your recruitment activities.





Deliveringa negative feedback is very challenging and great care should betaken to ensure the receiver accepts the news without feelingoffended in any way. One principle of negative communicationincorporated in the above email is clarity and succinctness. Whilegiving a negative feedback, the sender should be clear and brief andtake a direct approach so that no further clarification is needed(Bowman, 2002). One should be highly courteous when writing anegative email to ensure the receiver still feels respected evenafter accepting the job declination. Another principle of negativecommunication incorporated in the email is diplomacy. In declining ajob offer, the recruitment personnel be made aware that one isimpressed by the company but forced to decline the offer in order topursue another job that best suits one’s career. Finally, it isimportant to ensure the reasons for declining the offer is given inas few words as possible to achieve the main objective of writing theemail.

Emailto decline added responsibilities

Mr.Tischler, Brandon,


Declination of an opportunity to join the communication projectcommittee

DearMr. Brandon,

Iam greatly honored by your gesture to consider me as one of thecommunication project committee members. I would be glad if thesituation could have allowed me to embrace the new addedresponsibility as it adds up to my skills, experience, and help myorganization achieve its goals. Currently, I am working on threeprojects, which require my full attention and are really overwhelmingme. By accepting to be one of the committee members of the upcomingcommunication project, I will not be able to concentrate on mycurrent projects, which I believe are equally important since theyaim to enhance communication among the marketing team for betterperformance. Since I embraced additional responsibilities, which werenot included in my job description, I have had a rough time managingmy work since I have received no compensation for extra hours spentmeeting all these targets. It would be very encouraging when addedresponsibilities are accompanied by incentives such as compensationor even promotion to add morale and make one more industrious toembrace more responsibilities.

Ihumbly request that if being a committee member of the new project isof great importance compared to any of my current three projects, Iwould request you consider assigning one of my current projects tosomeone else who is not as overwhelmed as I am. Alternatively, I canhelp you in finding another suitable and qualified employee to jointhe committee of the new project. I am deeply sorry that my currentsituation could not allow me embrace the outlined additionalresponsibilities. I am wishing you success in the upcoming projectsand other future projects.





Inwriting an email to decline additional responsibilities, one shouldobserve the language and tone to remain as polite as possiblethroughout the email not to offend the boss. According to Sittenfeld(1999), the most important principle of negative communicationespecially when saying “NO” to people superior in authority ispoliteness. The manager should feel respected even after reading theemail containing negative feedback. The other two principlesincorporated are clarity and direct approach. It is important to makeyour email as short as possible but choose the correct words andaddress the issues directly to make the manager aware of all thereasons for declining the responsibilities. Great care should betaken to avoid wrong choice of words, as they would create a tone,which might offend the manager and suffer unforeseen consequencessuch as losing the job.


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