Relationship as the Foundation of Quality Infant & Toddler Care

Relationshipas the Foundation of Quality Infant &amp Toddler Care

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Relationshipas the Foundation of Quality Infant &amp Toddler Care

Journalentry 1

Theperson I feel very close to is my best friend because he is the onlyperson I can freely confide in without feeling a sense of insecurity.

Journalentry 2

Overthe years I have known him, he has proved to be reliable andtrustworthy since he knows all my darkest secrets and he has neverused any of my secrets against me for over 12 years we have beenfriends. Whenever I confide in him he offers a listening ear, hisfull attention and a shoulder to cry on when am overwhelmed withlife’s challenges. Every time, I pour out my heart to him, heconsoles me with comforting words of hope, strength and optimism thattomorrow will be a better day than my current situation. He issomeone I have come to trust wholly.

Journalentry 3

Asnoted in the third journal entry the interaction of the infants andthe toddlers is a mutual interaction to promote a positiverelationship. During the interaction, the adult should learn tolisten, hold, talk, and respond to the child needs in the routinecare of feeding, changing, and playing with the kids. As noted fromthe video the mother tries to pay attention to the kid while feedingthe kid, talking to the child as well as allowing the kid to playwith her fingers which is a clear indication of a good interactionthat promotes positive relationship. During the interaction theparent satisfied, happy and inner sense of love and care towards thechild. I know that as it clearly portrays itself from the interactionbetween the mother and the child. Used the relationship skills oflistening, holding, talking and responding to the child’s signal inunderstanding what the baby wants. In future will employ therelationship skills of encouraging eye contact and paying attentionto the kids as they imply something.

Journalentry 4

Inthe fourth journal entry, the father reads a book to his youngdaughter. As he reads, the baby makes some sounds and he pauses topay attention to the child. From the interaction as a person, I feelso attached and moved to the interaction between the kid and thefather and wish to do the same. In comparing my feeling with that ofthe baby I think the baby felt a sense of security and important asthe father paid attention to her. The kind of relation-buildingskills used is that of responsive interaction. It helped promote therelationship with the baby by paying attention to the sounds the babymade as the father read the book to her. In future might use therelationship skills of holding and responding to the kid’s need. Asthe baby made sounds maybe she wanted something else like being heldprobably by her father or to b changed.

Journalentry 5

Forinstance, if you want your child to learn about potty, start byreading books regarding toileting with the child. You may alsodemonstrate it using dolls as many children love them. Children alsolearn by copying others, thus you can introduce a kid to otherchildren for learning purposes. In addition, there should be a pottyin every bathroom, so that kids can always practice whenever theywant efficiently. Lastly, a parent should not be harsh to the kidswhile learning potty.


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