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Professional codes of ethics are standards that used to determinethe behavior of professionals in a particular field while interactingwith colleagues, patients, the community and the society as a whole(Greenberg, 2001). Professional Code of ethics also determinesindividual behaviors while at work (ACHE, 2011). Code of ethics isextremely essential as it dictates the behavior of healthcareexecutives in relation to their roles and professionalresponsibilities. Professional code of ethics ensures that the healthexecutives act in ways that promote the welfare and the wellbeing ofthe people they serve (ACHE, 2011). It is also essential to note thatthe code of ethics determines the decisions that the healthcareexecutives will make regarding the health, wellbeing and quality oflife of individuals and the society at large.

The professional code of ethics also stipulates how the healthexecutives should treat the employees to ensure that the services areprovided to the people in a professional manner. The code of ethicsasserts that the employees should be treated with respect and dignityand void of discrimination based on skin color, race, gender orcountry of origin (ACHE, 2011). The patients should also be servedwithout discrimination based on gender, color or race. It is clearthat the professional code of ethics is extremely essential indelivery of quality of services to the people.

The Health Education Code of Ethics is also a code that determinesthe behaviors of professionals (NCHEC, 2012). Professionals aresupposed to behave in a way that promotes health for all the peopleand also manifest the highest levels of professionalism. AmericanHealth Information Management Association Code of Ethics alsocompares to the ACHE Code of Ethics in that they both seek to ensurethat health workers act in a professional manner that brings respectand dignity to the profession (AHIMA, 2011).


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