Respiratory Disorders



The airways can experience a disorder such as bronchitis.Bronchitis is a disorder that affects middle-aged individuals. Thedisorder mostly affects the female generation and occurs during thewinter since it takes place in the state of an upper respiratorydisease. It involves inflammation of the bronchial tubes that causesdifficulty in the way individuals breathing system occurs. Bronchitis can either be acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis is rapidand invades the upper respiratory tract. On the other hand, chronicbronchitis involves the production of mucus and lasts for at least3months of a year (McPhee &ampHammer, 2012).

Thesigns of the presence of bronchitis were clearly seen in Maria, the36-year-old lady. The lady experiences deep cough that producesmucus. The cough is also associated with the production of greensputum. It can, therefore, conclude that the patient is sufferingfrom chronic bronchitis that causes blockage in the airways (McPhee&ampHammer, 2012). The intensity of the cough goes up during thenight due to breathing problems.

Theinflammation of the airways is more common in women between the ageof 30-45 than the men. It is one of the problems faced in the middleage and occurs during the winter. The age is characterized with morefats in the body, and the rate of doing exercise is reduced. Most ofthe women does not take part in an active behavior that can make themuscles stronger in their old ages. Therefore, the respiratory tractis weakened and becomes prone to chronic bronchitis. The type of foodtaken by an individual increases the chances of contracting thedisease. These types of food are the ones with a lot of fats andsugar.


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