Itotally agree with the writer that Roger Whipple’s character got somuch convincing that made the judge or the magistrate at the highcourt to make a ruling that would favor him. Basing on the familybackground, the author says that his father, Mr. Whipple, was apolite man who respected everyone, and always did the right thing atthe right time and the right place. The same got the same with theother family members including Mrs. Whipple, his mother, and Linda,her sister. Indeed it there is some levels of honesty when the authorjustifies the boy’s character to those of his late father, Mr.Whipple.

Itis true though the substantial evidence and an eye witness aremissing in the case Roger Whipple killed the two ladies who weretwins, Rhea, and Rhoda. According to the author, Rhea and Rhoda arestubborn girls, thieves, knotty and will always get something tosteal from someone. Before getting killed, the author says that theywere cycling up and down the estate, and whenever they happen to passby a home where they know someone, they must steal the person’sproperty. A good example is where the author says that the twinsisters, Rhea, and Rhoda, went to greet a particular old woman,grandmother. As Rhea got involved in a story with the old lady, Rhodaon the other side, went to steal some cash from the grandmother’spurse.

Theauthor says that the two twin sisters used to properties from theircolleagues lockers, whenever they happen to get away for a shortwhile. When they got caught, they never argued but instead returnedthe property immediately to the place where they found it. Accordingto the author, this turned out to be like a game, and the otherclassmates got used to their funny character.

Fromthe book, the author says that the two girls were very stubborn andat times used to call other some names. Despite the cheeky characternearly all their friends, neighbors and teachers liked them, and theygot sad to hear about their death. It is not necessarily that theyliked their characters, but it was the way the always appeared inpair and how they got more concerned about each other. I agree withthe author, when he says that, when Rhoda noticed Rhea was nowhere toget seen, she asked Roger Whipple and could not believe him when hetold that Rhea could leave her and go home without alerting her.

Ido agree that it is Roger Whipple who killed the twin sisters, basingmy argument on the reason he was telling Rhoda that Rhea had left yetshe was just around, lying down. This had an implication that he hadalready killed Rhoda and was making good tricks and arrangement onhow could kill Rhoda too. It is very true that Roger Whipple is theone who killed the twin sisters. This is because, despite the absenceof an eyewitness, the bicycles belonging to Rhea and Rhoda got foundat the staircase of the boy’s parent’s home. He was the only onearound the compound by that time, and this further proof that he wasthe one who conducted the murder.

Accordingto the author, the boy was very humble and respected nature to anextent that he would not even killed an animal. The author furthersays that the young boy could get out of control at times, andperhaps commit something dangerous when no one was around to takecontrol of him. I, therefore, agree with the author that indeed, thetwo ladies could have gone to Whipple’s home to steal some items,and even called the young boy some names that raised his temper.According to the book, he was relatively stronger, and could manageto kill the twin sisters especially in situations where, he conductedthe murder one at a time.