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Response to Peers’ Posts

First Post

The first author lays insight on the Machiavellian characteristics ofa good conqueror. According to him, Machiavelli identifies aconqueror who wants to take control of his people must project allthe afflictions he would subject his people to and release them atonce. The author uses Agathocles and Oliverotto to further theexplanation given by Machiavelli. The two used cruelty to get theirpositions, but they failed to continue. The ruler who releases allthe injury can easily win back the favor of the people. On the samenote, the benefits entitled to the subjects should be in briefs toprolong the period that the leader remains relevant.


The two characters, Oliverotto and Agathocles, have been used byMachiavelli as leaders who used iniquity yet their efforts were notdirect intentions to kill. Any leader who uses violence to claimpower always projects retaliatory attack. They are therefore alwaysready for war. The writer depicts the Cesare Borgia whose method ofacquiring power contrast that of the two former leaders. Apart fromthe violence that bred insecurity and mistrust, power could also begained through fortune and virtues. However, we should not judge theviolence used as a tool of power by the characters beforeunderstanding the context in which they took place. During the time,violence was an honorable way of capturing the reins of power unliketreachery or playing tricks on one party.


Violence is not the only way through which would acquire power.People could also take advantage of “fortuna” or ingenuity.Francesco is an example of ingenuity as he rose from being a commoncitizen to become the Duke of Milan. He learned the virtues and tookadvantage of opportunities. The brief also focus s on Cesare Borgiaand contrasts his method of getting into power to that of Francesco.Borgia inherited the power from his father. It was a fortune, and hecould not gain trust as his father. Therefore, he failed because hedid not learn or posses any “virtu.”