Roles of the President of the United States of America

Rolesof the President of the United States of America

Rolesof the President of the United States of America

Thepresident of the United States of America plays many roles. Thispaper is aimed at defining in detail four of his/her primary roles.The president plays the roles of: head of state, commander in chief,head of government and the leader of a political party.

Commanderin chief

Thepresident is the head of all the country’s military forces. He/sheis responsible for all the defense forces activities. For exampletraining, raising and the deployment of troops. The president alsomeets with other military officers and even civilian securityadvisers to discuss the well-being of the troops and to discuss whento deploy troops. He/she also awards service medals to service menand women.

Headof government

Thepresident is required by the United States constitution to overseethe running of the executive branch of the government. He/she makessure that the law is enforced in the country, appoints important andhigh ranking officials to office. He/she is also expected tocoordinate the work of 150 agencies.

Headof state

Thepresident is involved in many ceremonies for instance awardingcivilians for outstanding behavior in different fields. They alsohave the role of being an inspiring example for other civilians toemulate. The president is also required to greet visitors into thewhite house and also making a patriotic speech during the fourth ofJuly.

Leaderof a political party

Itis the role of the president to ensure that members of his/herpolitical party are elected or appointed to office. The presidentcampaigns for those members they feel were supportive of theirpolicy. At the end of a term, the president may want to run forreelection as constituted for in the constitution. A good example ofthis role is choosing the leading party members to serve in thecabinet and travelling to speak at political rallies of certain partymembers.

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