Sammy`s Decision


InA&amp P, we encounter an ordeal of Sammy, who worked as a cashier inthe company. At only 19 years he worked did not demand much of himbearing in mind that he was still living with his mother. Thelocation of the store is close to the beach and, therefore, peopledropped by to grab something on the way from to the beach or whengoing home. The store’s policies on dressing are very strict, andshoppers are required to be modest when they drop into the store.Just lie in any other environment. The policy‘s intention is tomake sure that people do not make others uncomfortable as they shop.

Onthat fateful day, some pretty girls stopped by the store for someshopping. From his description of each of the girls, we can see thattheir dressing amuses Sammy. He gives us a vivid description of theirbeauty and dressing. He only mentions their lack of modesty faintlybecause he is in a deep analysis of the ladies’ bare parts of thebody. He singles out one of the ladies who appeared as theringleader. With no straps to her costumes, Sammy could not help butget nervous anticipating the time they would come to the counter. Heattends to them, but his manager reproaches the ladies for theirimmodesty. Sammy does not raise a word, but he strongly feels sorryfor the lady. At this moment, the most unexpected thing happens,Sammy announces quitting the job, to the surprise of his manager andeven the customers.

Tounderstand the situation, let us look at the underlying factors.First, Sammy wanted to appear as a hero or a savior to a girl whopossessed his thoughts. At that moment, he hoped that disagreeingwith the manager, who was the pretty girl’s aggressor, wouldtrigger her to seek his help. However, the girls leave withoutrecognizing his efforts, or if they recognized, they pretended to beoblivious to them. The manager gets surprised and warns Sammyagainst it. To appear like a true hero Sammy walks out hoping to findthe lady. To his amazement, he only found a married woman yelling toher kids.

Decidingnot to go back was a foolish decision. Sammy had all the time to hopback into the corner and ask for forgiveness and claim that he did nknow what was going on n his mind. Te moment that elapses between hisexit and finding the girls were gone was enough to assure everybodythat he was joking when he said that he was leaving.

Foolishnessculminates his decision because from the excerpt e learn that Lengelwas not only a manager but as a family friend. He would haveunderstood the young man’s mistakes and consider the relationshiphe had with his parents and take him on board again. Sammy left forsomething that he was not sure of getting. Even if he had found thepretty girl outside, there was no guarantee that they would be in arelationship. His foolish actions begin when the girl’s physicalappearance overrides his work ethics. His behavior of admiring a ladyis in order but going ahead to quit a job to follow is a foolishmove. Failure to go back to the assured job is a further injury intohis life.