Social Issues



TheUnited States has a rich history of immigration. The currentpopulation is comprised of descendants of various ethnic groups fromall corners of the world. This amalgamation of ethnic groupsinfluences culture in various ways. The American culture for exampleis a rich culture that have adopted or taken into account thecultures of all the ethnic groups in the population. The new culturesthat develop from the diverse groups are universally accepted by thepopulation (Giddens et al., 2000). The pop-culture, hip-hop culture,Goth culture to mention a few are cultures that have been accruedfrom different cultural practices of certain ethnic groups.

Regardlessof the ethnic origin, the culture that is developed is widelyacceptable and suits the population’s common beliefs, values andethical principles. There are various aspects that are evident in theculture in America, just like in other societies. The culture of thepeople is aligned to the social, economic and political beliefs ofthe people (Giddens et al., 2000). For example, corruption in thewestern culture is condemned and is not tolerated. This defines thepeople’s belief in integrity.

Prejudiceand discrimination are things that have affected the American culturein a significant way. Discrimination against race in particular theAfrican American minority have led to the establishment of distinctcultures that define a given group. The Hip-Hop culture is majorly aculture affiliated to the black community in the country. Theprejudice against certain groups like Arabs after the 9/11 terrorattack have in one way or the other affected the culture of thepeople. The U.S culture is founded on trust, love, unity andcompassion. Brotherhood is highly valued but prejudice anddiscrimination have destroyed these values and pillars that make theAmerican culture.


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